The End of the Sofa Saga

Let’s go back to this summer. Back in June I was the winner of the Small division in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest. My prize was $1000 to Joybird Furniture.

I used my credit to buy this pretty little loveseat, called the Calhoun.

And if you recall from this post, the loveseat I received 6 weeks later was all wrong. It looked a little uhm… different. (I would insert a Renee Zellweger joke here but honestly I just feel terrible about that whole situation.)

Anyways, I tried to return the sofa. Key word is TRIED. Joybird outsources their furniture delivery to local providers, depending on the location (most of them do) and lucky for me, my area furniture delivery company was terrible. I mean the WORST. Never called me, never scheduled a return pick-up. They didn’t listen to me or Joybird. We were 100% virtually ignored. Lots of calls, emails, voicemails and apologies transpired between Joybird and I. Joybird was mortified.

This went on for two months. Keep in mind we live in a very small house, where a misplaced sofa isn’t exactly easy to ignore. The longer it took, the angrier I became. I was mad at Joybird for not stepping in and fixing it. I was mad at the delivery company for being so, so terrible.

So I sold that damn loveseat on Craigslist. For $800. After the sale, I let Joybird know that I needed to cancel my return request. As a peace offering, they threw me a gift card for $500, the difference between the Craigslist sale and the price on the sofa, which I appreciated. Especially considering I had very little actual money of my own in the deal.

Anyways, I talked so much about it here that I wanted to close the loop. With the loveseat sold, we moved our Lubi daybed from the office out into the living room and it’s a good enough solution for now.

The end. Thank you Joybird for being sincere and apologetic with me. I appreciate it. Maybe I will use that gift card one day.








On the Market

It was just a little over a month ago that we talked about looking for other homes and then made the decision to stop and stay put. I guess a lot of things can change in a month. Whiplash! Let me explain…


Our house is for sale. Here is the listing. We are very close to closing on a new home. Here’s how it all happened. This explanation is as much for you as it is for me. Everything has been happening so fast!

After I published that post last month, I (we) kept looking for homes. Dare I say I even began looking with a renewed sense of energy. Strange, right? Writing that post revealed something to me that I wasn’t quite ready to accept at the time: we are ready to move on. And for a long time, delaying and ignoring that feeling was the best choice for a lot of reasons. But it never changed the fact that it was a delay. Our current home wasn’t our permanent solution. A move to a new place seemed almost inevitable. So if it’s gonna happen, why not make it happen right now?

The timing seemed right and once we had decided, it was go, go, go from there. I’d be fooling you if I didn’t say that these big life changes are 50% a symptom of my infamous/fatal flaw GET.IT.DONE.RIGHT.NOW. philosophy. For example, for the past few weeks, we have been waffling over whether to sell or rent our current home. We decided on Tuesday to sell and by Wednesday our home was up on MLS. (Luckily, having a blog about your house makes it very easy to come by interior photos and more importantly, we have a kick ass listing agent).

We are going to sell this home by owner. We used our trick of using a flat-flee listing agent (happy to pass along his name to any NKY people) who can get our home up on the MLS, but it’s us doing the legwork on showings, marketing, etc. so that we can save some money on agent commission and ultimately, offer a competitive listing price. This is the same way we sold Aaron’s home a year and a half ago and it worked really well. For you realtors out there, we are of course still going to pay 3% to the buyer’s agent.

Here’s the listing flyer Aaron made last night. I feel so goofy about putting the house’s press on the back page (see the second pic) but hey… whatever helps.

Front Page

Front Page


I’ve yet to put a For Sale sign out front because I don’t want the neighbors to go berzerk. They’ve been so good to us for a long time. I will miss having my yard mowed by the neighbor (and no, that is not a euphemism… ).

About the new home… I won’t be spilling very many details on the new home yet because it’s not officially ours. We are under contract but we’re in the inspection/discovery period and I’m trying to keep it cool. Here’s what I can tell you. It’s an American Four Square in the Wallace Woods area of Covington, about a mile from our current house. It’s 100 years old but has been a completely renovated. We’re supposed to close November 14 but I’m hoping I can share details much sooner. I’ll feel better when the inspection and loan process are done, which should be in the next two weeks.

Stay tuned. Life is so exciting right now.








Backyard Rescue

About two weeks ago, we had a team of people over to the house to shoot a few videos. Nothing blog- or me-related—they just wanted to use my interior space as background for whatever they were shooting. And this was the state of my backyard at the time. Grreeeeeatttt. Nothing like a little shaming to throw me into action.


In all fairness… we started out the summer so well. We mulched, we weeded, we planted flowers… things were looking good! And then after a summer of neglect, the inevitable happened. The backyard garden turned into a jungle. I think I tend to forget (or maybe blissfully ignore) that yards need a lot of regular maintenance. Oops.

This past weekend Aaron and I had a rare Sunday at home and this was at the top of our agenda. After about an hour of pulling weeds and laying mulch, we had this.


Now if only we can convince our neighbors to replace their fence. :)

In the front yard, we’ve been much more successful. That has a lot to do with the fact that our neighbors (one of which just received a beautification award) have their eyes on us. The pressure is good for our motivation!


The flag we installed is still going strong. We will bring the flag in when the weather turns sour, but so far so good. I also brought out this DIY pedestal planter to add a little height with the mums next to the stairs.



So that’s the outdoors these days. We’ve still got a little bit of fall decorating to do (I need a wreath!) but this is so much better than the weed jungle we were dealing with.

That’s all I’ve got folks. I’ll be back later this week!