This Big Blank Space Mocks Me

I started this post as a big list of everything I’d still like to do in the house, but writing a list isn’t fun and I’m guessing it’s not all too great to read either. Instead, I will tell you one of my priority areas in the house (minus the laundry room of course).

It’s finding SOMETHING to put on this big blank wall space. It looks tiny here, but it’s 5′ wide and 10′ tall.


I’m guessing my creativity block is karma for painting over the chalkboard wall.

There’s a few obvious things I have already decided against:

  • It can’t be a gallery wall (too busy for this small, already busy space)
  • It can’t be a huge honkin’ piece of art (I spent my art fund on gutters)
  • It can’t be one of those $5 black and white architect prints (I don’t have the best luck with those… so many bubbles from the mounting adhesive)

So then what?

The only image that gives me hope is this one. Adam was a fellow participant in 2012′s Small Cool Contest and I LOVED his apartment. But even more, that textile wall hanging has stayed on my mind for two years.

Source: Adam's Afternoon Light Contest Entry via Apartment Therapy

Source: Adam’s Afternoon Light Contest Entry via Apartment Therapy

Let’s take a closer look at that beauty.



I have no idea what you even call that thing. I have been searching high and low on eBay and I haven’t found one in that pattern or that size. Aaron laughed at me because he saw my eBay search history the other day.

“Shag carpet hanging”

“Textile carpet wall”

“Colorful wall carpet”

“Yarn Wall Hanging”

“Yarn Shag Wall”

“Textile art”

And most of those searches serve up a lot of this…


It’s magical but it doesn’t quite go with the decor.

I could go the retail route but they’re all small and expensive and I need it to be huge and cheap. I do like the pattern of this Urban Outfitters one. It’s close to the inspiration photos. Now if only I could triple size it.

It sounds like I have a DIY in my future. Brynne over at Gathered Home has the best tutorial in blogland for making hangings like these. I can use that general method, but I want mine to be uniform in length all over.

So that’s my current home decor predicament. I would love to know 1.) how would you handle a space like this? and 2.) where would I find a wall hanging like that?

The search continues…




What Am I Working On?

It’s my turn in Blog Land to answer the four questions below. Thanks Katja over at Shift Ctrl Art for nominating me.

  • What am I working on?
  • Why do I write?
  • How does my blog differ from others of its genre?
  • How does my writing process work?

What am I working on? I gotta be honest—not a lot. I had a horrifying thought the other day: Am I done with this house? And it got me so panicked that I made a huge list of all the things I still want to do. There is a tricky balance between something that actually NEEDS fixed up and something that needs fixed up for the sake of fixing it up (*coughblogcontentcough*). And if I keep myself to something that actually NEEDS fixing up, I would set my sights on our laundry room. Better storage, better ironing situation, privacy blinds… basically just improvement all around. More on that coming soon.

Why do I write?

I will be the first to admit that I am not a great writer. I write because blogging would be a little weird without words. For me, the actual project, the decorating and the photos is what gets me excited to come here three days a week. I think a better question for me would be, “Why do I blog?” The best answer I can come up with during this Friday Night Lights binge haze is I blog because I’m an introvert who likes to help people and talk about my own life. And in order to help and talk to people without a lot of human interaction, well that requires a blog. I’m kidding… sort of…

How does my blog differ from others of its genre?

I don’t know that it is! We are all just people (mainly women) with great taste, great ideas and a hell of a work ethic. I don’t try to be different, I just try to be myself. I can be snarky, I can be dry, I can be silly, I can be irreverent, I can be cheesy. I try really hard to keep this blog in line with who I am in real life. And in real life, I am all of those things. I also try to be honest, because this blogging business can get super shady real fast. One of the blogs that I really look up to in terms of all of the above is Corals + Cognacs. Do you know her? It’s a fashion blog but I love that I can read her blog and actually know who she might be as a real person. She. keeps. it. real. She cusses. She broadcasts her failures. She doesn’t take things too seriously. I love it. She doesn’t know me and I’ve never introduced myself so hopefully that backlink isn’t served up with a side of awkward.

What’s my writing process?

My writing process is super professional. At around 9 pm the night before a post is due, likely hours-deep into anything other than blogging, I remember I am due for a post. The only reason why this method works is that I have photos taken and edited a couple of weeks in advance. All it takes that night is bringing in the photos and writing the post. It’s kinda crazy but it works. In other news, I took some photos of my friend’s nursery I helped design over the weekend. I cannot wait to share them with you… more on that coming soon, along with that whole laundry room thing. I SWEAR I am being somewhat productive.

I nominate the lovely Jenn over at HomeStyle Report for next week’s Blog Hop! Jenn lives just a few miles away from me and let me tell you… it has been so awesome to get to know and hang out with a fellow blogger who worries about Craigslist purchases, good furniture deals and tile etiquette as much as me. I’ll update this post with a link to her blog hop next week, but go visit her now too!

xo, emily

Cleaning IKEA Plastic with Tide Oxi

Cleaning Plastic with Tide Oxi

We have these URBAN plastic chairs from IKEA. We LOVE these chairs. We use them as step stools, outdoors around the grill, additional seating… they are probably one of the more versatile things we have in our house. They are also surprisingly comfortable.

Cleaning Plastic with Tide Oxi

ANYWAYS, because of all the use, these chairs get dirty. And because plastic polypropylene has this nubby, rough texture these chairs attract dust, dirt and stains like maniacs. The rest of my IKEA plastic furniture is the same way (like the DOCKSTA round table). This dirt is hard to get out, even with something like a Magic Eraser.

That brings us to Tide Multi-Purpose Oxi, which is Tide’s take on Oxi Clean. They had me at “whiter and brighter,” which I think applies to laundry but let’s just go with it. It lists “patio furniture” as a possible application so I figured I’d give it a shot. Here’s what they looked like before. I had previously tried to wipe them off but this gross layer of gray remained.


After soaking and scrubbing, these guys look almost good as new. I knew the dirt would come off easy but I was most impressed by its ability to remove that blue hue these chairs get from dyed jeans. Yes!


And so then I got so excited I cleaned the top of the plastic cooler too, which has that same, hard-to-clean texture.


I used two cups of Tide Oxi, filled the bucket with water, let the chairs soak in the soap and went to town with my scrubber.

Cleaning Plastic with Tide Oxi

Cleaning Plastic with Tide Oxi

Cleaning Plastic with Tide Oxi

This was one of those “close up for fall” type of chores and I gotta admit, it was kind of depressing. We’ll use one or two chairs in the house for various uses but the rest will go in the basement to wait out warmer temps.

Best part of this post? It’s a FRIDAY post which means it’s almost time to enjoy the weekend. Aaron and I are headed to Germania tonight. Maybe we’ll see you there?



So this post is sorta sponsored? Tide Oxi gave me a Home Depot gift card to buy the product to write the post. Basically I was just geeked at the chance to work with P&G.