The Kitchen: Chapter Two

Check out Chapter One of the kitchen saga here.

The new appliances are here! The old appliances are gone. It’s been a crazy yet awesome week. Today’s my birthday and there really is nothing better than new appliances (#thisis30).

If you’re just tuning in, the lovely people at GE took interest in my kitchen project and totally hooked us up with all new stuff. The reason we said yes is because it gave us access to the GE Artistry series. I am all about aesthetics (high-gloss white, retro styling) and this line nails that for us. Even if we had no sponsorship, this is the line we would buy (yes, it’s really affordable). I talk a little bit more about GE’s involvement here. I’ll share more details once we’ve actually lived with and used them a bit more.

I wasn’t going to share the new stuff installed until I had time to take pretty pictures, but I couldn’t wait. These are the pictures Aaron took as everything was getting delivered. I was at work (I had a meeting I couldn’t miss) but he indulged me by sending me photos and video as progress was made.

Let me back up a little bit. Everything was delivered on Tuesday. This was the scene outside as boxes were being unloaded off the dock. The big stuff got de-boxed and unwrapped at the street, then brought up the sidewalk into the house. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought. It was quite the production.

As boxes were being unloaded by one guy, another guy was inside removing the existing set. We did some of the pre-work ourselves, it was just a matter of getting everything unplugged (we were trying to keep everything functional for as long as possible, especially the fridge) and out of the way. Seeing the kitchen without appliances was totally strange. And I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t paint all the way behind everything. :)

Please ignore my bra hanging in the background. LOL.

Anyways, as progress was made, Aaron kept sending me pictures and even this video. He’s so fancy. 

Appliance installation from Go Haus Go on Vimeo.

Anyways, here’s the other side of the kitchen with the new dishwasher. It chirps!  Just a little “hello” chirp when you open the door. It’s the little things.

So while one half of the kitchen was looking better (after seeing the new stuff in the space I was EXTRA motivated to get the countertop and cabinet situation taken care of) the other half of our tiny kitchen was crammed full with our old appliances.

I gave all of the old stuff a good, hard scrubbing because they were all set to be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore the following day.

I’ve never scheduled a ReStore pick-up before but it was so easy. And free! Our ReStore only picks up from northern Kentucky addresses (that’s me) on Wednesdays, so we went just a day with two sets. No complaining from me there.

We had a bit of a problem getting the fridge out the back door so we ended up having to remove the screen door. As the fridge was tilted on its side, the doors swung open and I sucked in my breath hoping I had remembered to remove everything. I’m still damaged from that one time in college I trashpicked an old fridge on the last day of school and in trying to get the fridge into my car, the fridge door swung open spewing way-beyond-rancid Chinese food all over the interior of my car. Good times. Lol.

The kitchen progress has since continued. Last night (Thursday night) we headed to IKEA to pick up the countertops. I’ve also purchased our sink and faucet. Saturday is countertop installation day. Wish us luck. I’m having nightmares about having to cut that sink hole ourselves.



I’ll be posting some of our progress on Instagram and Facebook over the weekend. I would love to see you over there!

GE Appliances is hosting a great weekly giveaway over on Instagram. All you have to do is follow @geappliances, post a photo that features your take on black and white style, use the tag #blackandwhite and you’re in! They are giving away $500 gift cards every week in the month of April. (And no, they’re not paying me to say this. It just seems like there’s a good chance of winning!)

The gutter situation

A few weeks ago I posted about our gutter situation. The gist is they’re sagging, falling apart and badly need replaced. Because of their current state, we’re getting some water backing up into the house and on to the ceiling. This especially happens during freezing temps as ice dams further exasperate the issue. NOT GOOD.

One of the only pictures I’ve found of the whole house, from 2012.


Normally all of this this wouldn’t be such a big deal but my special little snowflake gutters are box gutters. I’m borrowing this image from Daniel at Manhattan Nest, because he’s also had box gutter drama. We’ve basically got the same situation going on:


The damage to ours also looks similar:

Anyways, after talking to a couple of different professionals it seemed like we had three clear options:

1.) Patch. With this option, they would essentially just re-caulk and clean up what was there. It wouldn’t fix the sagging, but it would fix the leaking for the time being. They thought it might last for a year or so. (Cost: $500)

2.) Restoration. This option basically means a total rebuild of what is there currently. New liner, any necessary wood replacement, new downspouts, the whole bit. (Cost: $9200)

3.) Replace with modern gutters. This option is much less clear to us but it would involve altering the existing roof line. We would have to build out over the existing box gutters in order to attach modern, aluminum gutters in their place. There is some roof repair that has to happen as well with the roof line alteration. The cost is also less clear. Somewhere between $3,000 – $7,000.

Long story short, we’re going with Option #2. It just feels like the right thing to do. We are not the historic preservation police by any means (AT ALL) but it will feel nice to get this house back to its former glory. I’ve talked to a realtor and she thinks it will be a good selling point when we’re ready to go down that road. And most of all? I’m just ready to have gutters that don’t leak.

Here is the total to-do list for the roof repair (we’re also going to do some chimney maintenance):

  • Remove existing liners from box gutters
  • Red rosin paper will be installed as underlayment and to act as a moisture barrier
  • A new pre-finished steel receiver strip will be installed along the cap board to lock new gutter into place
  • A 26 gauge galvanized steel box gutter liner will be installed with seams pop riveted, soldered and laced for strength
  • New stainless steel outlet tubes will be installed to prevent rusting
  • Ice and water guards will be installed at roof line to protect against ice dams
  • New liner will get two coats of Direct to Metal (DTM) Tinners red paint to protect metal from weather elements
  • Metal strainers will be installed on all outlet tubes
  • New 4″ downspouts and any necessary accessories
  • One coat of paint to existing chimney flashing
  • Repair shingles with nail pops on entire house

Work is scheduled to begin in late June due to both their and our schedules. We’re hoping the leaks can hold off until then. This also gives us some time to save a little bit more money above and beyond what they’ve proposed. I have a feeling the job total is going to creep up past the current proposal cost, especially if they have to repair a lot of the wood structure.

The cost part of this really sucks of course, but after living with that number for a few weeks, the pain has subsided a little. I’m just forcing myself to believe it’s money already spent. I think having a healthy house in the end is nice motivation too.




Nice stems

It’s been a while since I shared any living room updates. I think the last update was when I took away the jute rug and removed the skirt from the green sofa. The end result was this:

There was a smaller detail that I was overlooking. When I removed the skirt from the green sofa it was clear the wooden legs needed some attention.

They were covered in tape, gouges and scratches. The gouges make sense. And I’m guessing the masking tape was there to protect them. Anyways, it was not pretty.

I tried to insert a splinter analogy here, but it’s late and my brain is fuzzy from the weekend. I’m sure you catch my drift—these legs are so little in the grand scheme of things but they caused a lot of visual discomfort.

So yea, I fixed them. I flipped the couch over and used a razor blade to remove all the tape and sticky residue.

And then I sanded everything down. It was getting late at this point and I just wanted it done, so I grabbed the first thing I could find to stain. The kitchen sponge! The stain was leftover from the office desk project. It’s Minwax Wood Finish in English Chestnut.

And I don’t know if any of you are like this, but it’s gotten to the point where I am no longer precious about the tools I’m using for house projects. Kitchen sponge to stain? Great! Plastic bag as a paint tray? Sure! Cardboard box edge instead of painters tape? Why not! I’ve become much more relaxed about all of it and I like to think it hasn’t affected the end result at all. Maybe. :)

Anyways, here’s the end result. The good camera pics got deleted (*ahem*) so an iPhone pic will have to do for now.

The living room has been our constant over the last few months and the lack of activity from a project standpoint has been so nice. We did get a dimmer installed awhile back to help dial down the mega wattage of the Edison chandelier. We no longer are getting a sunburn while watching TV.

Anyways, this week will be a crazy one for me. I’ve got a couple of big meetings, Tuesday is new appliance day, Wednesday is old appliance donation day and my birthday is Friday, with lots of other stuff in between.

But for now, I’m going to try to savor the last few hours of the weekend, sip my glass of cheap white wine and watch Pramface.



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