Looking for a New House… And Then Not

In the past two weeks, Aaron and I have toured a handful of houses on the market. I look at the MLS nearly every day (and have for many years) but for whatever reason, we took it a step further and actually walked through a couple of homes. It was all very exciting.

The photos you see here are the actual homes we toured. If you’re local and you want details I would be happy to provide but it feels weird putting the link to their listing here? Most of these are still occupied…


4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3 levels, exposed brick in kitchen

I’d be lying if I said we are completely content with our current home. We’re struggling with the size of the house and the neighborhood. The size: living small is great (especially financially) but somewhere along the way I’ve started to yearn for more space. The lack of space feels so confining and claustrophobic at times. And then there’s the neighborhood. I would love a neighborhood where I could feel comfortable and safe walking the dogs alone. I would love to be able to forget to lock my doors and have it be no big deal.

And we toured many homes that could give us just that. Lots of space (a real craft room! more than one bathroom!) and in much better neighborhoods.


5 bedrooms, 2 bath, Amazing Back Porch, A Driveway!

But then something happened.

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re really excited about something but deep down you know it’s not the right thing to do? That’s the feeling that we got when we were in these houses. At first we thought it might be the house, but it quickly became clear that it was because of us!

The truth is… we’re not done loving our current home. Sure, there’s not a lot of space to stretch in this home, but what we realized is that it has given us a different type of space. The space and freedom to travel, the space to pay off our debts and heck, the space to spend time living instead of maintaining (minus that whole gutters thing) and cleaning.


4 bedrooms, 2 baths, Double Staircase, Brand New Kitchen

Who knew it would take a couple of beautiful homes to remind us that our current home is the one we truly love. The freedom and comfort we feel here is hard to match.

We spent a lot of time this past weekend showing our home a little love. We cleaned, we shined, we de-cluttered. I think the laundry room refresh will further reinforce our newfound focus on this house. So yea, we’re gonna stick it out here a little longer. I think we’ll know when it’s time to move on.

Anyone else start to get serious with a home search to then realize it wasn’t the right time?

Wishing everyone a smooth and semi-painless Monday. :)





Thrift Score Thursday 32

Thrift Score Thursday 32

Two posts this week… September is looking up! I’m helping Trisha from Black and White Obsession and Brynne from The Gathered Home guest host the weekly series, #thriftscorethursday. Trisha and Brynne are the permanent hosts, but each week they invite a new person to join in the fun (me!) and together we get to feature picks from #thriftscorethursday on Instagram and share them here. I have a fun find of my own to share with you too.

The Features:

OK, first up I must share Amber’s (of Wills Casa fame) find. She shared this earlier this week on @willscasa. I love portraits like these and look for them all the time. She hit a major jackpot finding FOUR from the same artist. Beyond jealous. (If you’re viewing this on mobile, you may not be able to see the image. Image is also here.)

The next brilliant find from @tsfinds were these floral mid-century chairs… complete with pillow! I’m not sure of the condition of the upholstery but if it’s decent, I love them as-is! For mobile users, image is here.)

My Find: 

I found this awesome Syroco mirror at Goodwill for $18. I actually might give it away as a housewarming gift so let’s hope that person isn’t reading this post right about now. :)

It is heavy, big, the glass is in perfect condition and the detail on it is awesome. Lots of flowers and bows, but the age of it keeps it from looking too girly. I like the gold as-is, but I think it would awesome coated in white too.

Thrift Score Thursday


Vintage Syroco Mirror DSC_9383


Make sure to check out Trisha and Brynne’s picks and their finds from this week too:

Thrift Score Thursday Trisha color

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Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color

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Thanks Trisha and Brynne for having me!



Laundry Room Revisited

I promised myself and Aaron that I would not embark on any big room makeovers (or heck, DIY projects of any kind) for the summer. We were beyond burnt out after the kitchen remodel. I never want to cry into a pudding cup at 2 AM ever again.

And this surprises me, but I stayed true to my word. We didn’t do a single thing. I didn’t show up to a single summer wedding with paint splotches on me. There were no Ziploc-ed paint brushes in the fridge. There was no glue to pry off the office desk. It was an entirely new experience. But I will say: I missed all of the projects and improvements. I’ve been waiting for September to roll around so that I could dive back in. And I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but September is here my friends!

I’ve actually done quite a bit in the last two weeks and I’ll share that with you as we go, but for now, let’s talk a little bit about the laundry room.

This is the laundry room as of yesterday.

Laundry Room Revisited

This is the first “room makeover” I did on the blog back in June 2011. This room has stayed relatively the same since then, with the only addition being those two striped hooks.

It’s not that this little room (it’s right off the kitchen) is BAD, in fact it’s pretty cute and is probably fine as-is. But the reality is I’m bored with it, I’m ready for a project so this little room is exactly what the doctor ordered.

NOW, let me set some expectations here: This is a MINI makeover. A little paint, a few finishing touches, bada bing bada boom.

Laundry Room Revisited

There are several things that bother me about this space:

  • The mini ironing board that hangs on the door. Problem: Creates gouges in the door, is too small to iron us tall peoples’ clothes and is just generally ugly to look at. Solution: Donate the mini ironing board and get a full size one to be hung on a wall inside that same door, which leads to steps down to the basement
  • The brass hinges. Problem: The 90’s brass does not match my oil-rubbed bronze door knob. I spray painted the knob oil-rubbed bronze long ago, but never updated the hinges. Solution: Switch out the hinges (I’ve already done in this for the rest of the house)
  • The dog food storage. Problem: A big, red, open slouched bag shoved in the corner isn’t exactly awesome to look at, plus the food goes stale Solution: Build/Buy/Find a way to still store and seal the food in this area without seeing the bag
  • The fabric panel behind the washer and dryer. Problem: I actually love the functionality of this. It’s just a fabric panel on a tension rod I made long ago to cover up the hook-ups and outlets, but I’m tired of the fabric. Solution: Sew a new hanging panel with a fun fabric… I’m thinking BUGS
  • Polaroid wire. Problem: This was originally meant to be a place where we can hang clothes to dry but it’s so tall I can’t reach it Solution: Add a stool (duh) or take down the wire and do a drying rack somewhere else.
  • Paint color. Problem: It needs touched up (this space gets a lot of action from us carrying things up from the basement, plus I wasn’t exactly careful when I was painting the kitchen, so I’ve got some weird lines going on. I love the color, but may be ready for a change Solution: Touch up the current color (Martha Stewart Bedford Gray) or pick a whole new color completely. I’ve been crushing on Comfort Gray from Sherwin Williams, which is actually more of a blue green tone… I want a more greenish blue tone overall, not necessarily gray.
  • The striped fabric shade. Problem: This was one of my first blog DIY projects and it actually turned out super cute. Can I tell you a secret though? The back is covered in cardboard paper remnants from when I painted it. And it does not come off… Solution: Remove and replace with a roller shade to match the shades in the rest of the house.

Laundry Room Revisited

So that’s the plan. Just a little updating to appease myself. No wallpaper (although I would love to… I think my house is wallpapered out: see bathroom, see kitchen), no open shelving (the amount of sh*t I need to cram into those cabinets without anyone knowing…) and no new appliances. I would love some new appliances for the aesthetics but these 8-year-old machines are workhorses that never fail me, so out of immense gratitude, they stay.

I can’t wait to give this space a whole new look. I think it’s time.

Laundry Room Revisited


Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to spend some time making good-already spaces into something a little better. Group hug.

Happy hump day.