Laundry room is finished.

It’s finished! It’s complete! El fin!!

Before I show the “after” pictures, let’s go on a little history “before” ride. When I first moved in, we were here:

Emily Snuffer

And after 3 years of living (and lots of wine drinking apparently), the laundry room looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!

And finally, I hit my stride and we made it to here. Ladies and gentlemen, the completed laundry room.

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

So what do you think? I am totally in love. IN LOVE. Here’s the breakdown of the items in the room, as well as their cost:

  • Bird and Branch Mirror from PBTeen, $40 (Thanks to my little sis for the birthday gift card)
  • Potted Plant from Ikea, $5
  • Fabric Panel (Behind W & D) from Ikea, Free (It was leftover fabric from when I had covers made for the kitchen parsons stools)
  • Polaroid Wire From Ikea, Free (It was leftover)
  • Wall Paint is Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray in Eggshell (Custom color matched to Behr paint because I’m a Behr girl), $40
  • Cabinet Paint is Behr’s Ultra Pure White from Home Depot, $20 (price includes supplies needed as well) For more on my cabinet painting adventure, go here.
  • Tie-up Shade (Distressed Stripes Added by Me) from Wal-Mart, Free (I’ve had it in my basement for years. I saved it from the big Goodwill purge over the weekend)
  • Circle Mats from Ikea, Free (already owned as you can see in the above photo)
  • Total dollars spent: $105

Do you like the distressed stripes on the tie-up shade? Distressed stripes are a tad controversial. I didn’t want them to look completely solid and finished. I love how they turned out. It was my first time painting fabric and as always, I’ll have all of those details for you later this week. It is really easy and the impact is so lovely!

The Polaroid wire is fun too. It will be a Polaroid wire when guests are over and it will act as a clothesline when guests are not here. I love things that multi-task! My favorite Polaroid is the one of my Mom, Dad, Jules and I in front of a roller coaster. Can you spot it? I stole it from the house a few weeks ago (Sorry, parents!).

And what do you think about the fabric panel behind the washer and dryer? I had been planning different fabric there all along (you can see that here), but when I was standing on the kitchen stools to hang the curtains, I noticed how awesome the two look together. Yay for happy accidents!

Hope you liked it. Now I’m off to do laundry and actually enjoy it (not!).

– emily

p/s: Goo Gone and I are buddies. I’m their “Gooru” of the week this week. Check me out on their Facebook page and read all of my goo-ey Goo Gone tips.

p/p/s: Trying to catch up on the laundry room adventure? Check out these posts (in order of appearance): Places I’ve Come To Fear The MostLaundry Room Design PlanFor-ev-errrOK, I Goofed. Enter Laundry Room Plan, The Remix and Laundry Room Cabinets Are Done. Woop!





24 thoughts on “Laundry room is finished.

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  2. Angela Taylor

    I love your laundry room! Ironincally, I just “organized” mine yesterday and made a list of short term (i.e. cheap) and long term (i.e. need to save) things to do for that room. Only to arise today and seee your laundry room featured on Brooklyn Limestone. Your room gave me a ton of great ideas. I love the colors and the double-duty photo/clothes line.

    I have the same issue you had with the outlets showing and would like to know how you solved. Were you able to have them moved by an electrician?

    Great work! Checking our the rest if your page now.

    — Angela

    1. emily Post author

      Hi Angela! Thanks for checking things out. The ugly outlets are still there! They’re being concealed by the fabric panel which is set about a foot away from the wall, directly under the face of the cabinets. When I need access to outlets or my hook-ups, I just push the panel aside. Easy peasy! Hope it helps! Emily

  3. Barbara in CT

    I love your laundry room which I found on Brooklyn Limestone. I’m going to be reading your entire blog. You are obviously my kind of girl except that you are a lot younger–like younger than my children. I would never have picked out the fabric over your washers but it absolutely makes the space. I appreciate that you didn’t over decorate a room that gets so much use.

    1. emily Post author

      Hi Barbara! Thanks for visiting – hopefully I keep you entertained! Yes, I didn’t want to over decorate but I am getting an itch to put some sort of framed art to the left of the washer. There’s some bare space there I’m dying to fill. But you’re right – keep it simple! – Emily

  4. Tara

    Great job! Love everything you did – especially the fabric you picked out to hang behind the washer and dryer. Quick question – the wash label – Did you cut that out with a template? Would love to know more..thanks!

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  10. Jennifer

    Do you happen to have the formula Home Depot used to mix your Bedford Gray? I tried to do the same thing but the sample on the can reads sage green next to the Martha swatch.

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