DIY laundry detergent?

I have seen lots of bloggers making their own laundry detergent lately and I am so intrigued. Has anyone ever tried it? I see two big benefits:

1.) Possible cost savings (I would need to do some investigating on this one)

2.) Opportunity to create super cute canisters for the detergent

Here are the ingredients:


via Yellow Brick Home

After checking out Yellow Brick Home’s tutorial here, it seems pretty straightforward. I haven’t made the detergent yet (I need to track down this mystery Fels-Naptha product) but I couldn’t stop myself from putting my Tide detergent in a cute canister.

Emily Snuffer

– emily

p/s: Remember this hair tutorial I tried a few weeks ago and ended up with this? Well, today, I added a twist. Literally.

p/p/s: Are we Facebook friends yet? No? Wha?


2 thoughts on “DIY laundry detergent?

  1. Kim at Yellow Brick Home

    Ooh, I love that chalkboard on the canister! Once you’ve tracked down the Fels Naptha (we found it in the grocery store, next to the regular bar soaps – aaaallll the way on the bottom shelf!), you’re going to love this stuff.

    1. emily Post author

      Thanks Kim! I’m think I’m more excited about canister ideas than the actual soap, but I am looking forward to saving some moolah!


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