One decoration, many holidays.

I’ve been thinking about fall decorating a lot lately. What will I do? What are neat ideas for fall that won’t turn my house into a Cracker Barrel? How much will I spend? If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve noticed my recent obsession with pinning anything and everything for the upcoming season.

I tend to get excited about ideas (for example, I really want to do this) but then when it comes time to put things into play, I can’t seem to get motivated. I have a hard time spending my dough on items that only get 5-6 weeks of play time.

Knowing my struggles with that (plus knowing the fact it’s still No Spend September) I decided to create something decorative for Halloween. The only guidelines were: 1.) I had to create an item that could be used in any holiday (starting with Halloween) and 2.) The project can’t cost any money (booo)

I did have some chalkboard paint, as well as corked bottles from IKEA I never used for another project.

Emily Snuffer

And because Rust-Oleum promises “you can create a chalkboard on virtually any surface” I put that notion to the test (plus the chalkboard wall, which came from the same can, has held up like a champ for several months now).

I used painter’s tape to mark off how much of the bottle I wanted to paint. After testing some different ways, I decided directly half way up would look the best. I did one bottle, and then used the taped bottle as a guide for the second bottle.

Emily Snuffer

Next came 150 grit sandpaper to rough up the glass, making the paint that much easier to stick.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s a shot at the difference between the smooth glass and glass that’s been beaten up with sandpaper. Nothing drastic, but hopefully enough to keep things together for a couple of years.

Emily Snuffer

It was finally time for chalkboard paint, using a foam brush to apply 2-3 coats, with dry time in between. (I tried using a kitchen sponge first, not wanting to waste my foam brushes, but it did not work at all.)

Emily Snuffer

After the last coat was applied, I immediately took off the tape and let things dry for 24 hours.

Verdict: I love this thing. Here’s my chalkboard vase all dressed up for Halloween, along with other things I’ve dug out of the decorations box.

Emily Snuffer

The spider votive candle holder is something my mom gave me years ago. The peacock feathers have been up on the mantel since this summer. The quatrefoil brass cup was a $2 find from Goodwill a few months back and the skull was something Aaron brought home for me a couple of days ago (he knew I was dying to decorate but feeling blah about getting into it). Some women prefer flowers while I prefer scary plastic skulls. :)

I made four chalkboard bottles total – one I kept and the other I gave as a wedding gift (which was wrapped like this). I still have two leftover so who knows what I’ll do with those :)

Here are some more fun photos of my new scary Halloween mantel.

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

When Thanksgiving comes up, my little chalkboard bottle will change its look and for Christmas I can imagine a cute branch of red berries with a fun Christmas message on the bottle.

All photos taken by Aaron May for Go Haus Go.

– emily

p/s: Suge was obsessed with the little ceramic baby hand.

p/p/s: The nail polish are Incoco appliques, which came in my Birchbox this month.

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11 thoughts on “One decoration, many holidays.

  1. Kate @ change of scenery

    Very cute! I am totally in the same boat with holidays. Well, minus Christmas where I feel like I try to make my house look like Santa’s. Love this idea – very cost effective and versatile. Not sure how wide the top is but I can also see something like this as a way to hold festive candy or smaller things like spider rings or christmas lights depending on the holiday.

    I may just have to try this!

    1. emily Post author

      The top of the bottle is narrow but definitely wide enough to pour in some candy corn! I am thinking the bottle filled to the top with candy corn with a “Trick or Treat” message would be so cute! I could bring it into the office as the seasonal candy bowl.

  2. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    I love this project! It’s really creative. I’ve been wanting some of those bottles from Ikea for other things, now I’ll have to make these!

    You have really nice photos on here, great job. I pinned one of them on Pinterest and put one on my blog post today {due out any second}.

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