Sad turned happy side table [Before/After].

Update: Be sure to check out the tutorial on painting laminate furniture, using this side table, here.

When the big floor plan switch takes place over holiday break, I’ll have room for a side table. I’ve been anxious to get started on the whole process so I went and shopped all my usual haunts for a good side table – Goodwill, St. Vincent dePaul and Craigslist. With no luck. Boo.

And then just before Halloween I was at Goodwill meandering the 50% off sale when I found this sad little campaign-style nightstand. (For those unaware, campaign-style furniture is furniture marked with metal, usually brass, brackets in each corner.)

Emily Snuffer

What a sad little thing. Beat up. Laminate wood. Dingy brass. Smelly. Emily Snuffer

So of course it was love at first sight. And at $4 (it was 50% off furniture day) I couldn’t say no.

Things are looking up for this little table.

Emily Snuffer

And here’s proof that a nightstand doesn’t always have to sit next to a bed. This is going to be an awesome little side table in the new living room.

I’ll have all of the DIY details (painting laminate, colors I used, cost, etc.) next week. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my little green table.

– emily

p/s: If you can guess the name of the green spray paint used I will give you one billion internet points.

p/p/s: There’s only one way to find the stuff you want at Goodwill. You MUST go ALL.THE.TIME.


28 thoughts on “Sad turned happy side table [Before/After].

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      It’s super easy! I’ll post what paint I used/the entire method next week. I used to think laminate was hopeless but so far so good with this paint job!

  1. Melissa

    Love it! So jealous. I can never find anything at Goodwill, but I don’t go often.

    Is it Kelly Green?

    Sidenote: Kelly Kapowski Green would be a great name!

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Love that name! If any color were named after a Saved by the Bell star I would snag it! Just wait until I reveal the real name on Wednesday. I didn’t want to in the post because I didn’t want to sway any opinions of the table!

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Thanks Katie! I thought so too! There was actually an entire bedroom set of this at Goodwill, but I only picked up one nightstand. Wish I would have grabbed more…

  2. amy

    holy green guacamole! okay, not that the green is like guac but i like rhymes. and i LOVE that side table!

    perused your blog after seeing gwen’s feature on the bold abode…and now i’m a-followin’!!

    keep ’em coming!


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    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Thank you! I have a very mature taste when it comes to reading – NOT! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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