The dreaded Office/Second Bedroom “before” picture.

Oh guys. This is bad. I don’t even want to post it. But in an effort to keep it real, let me show you what’s going on in the to-be office/second bedroom space:

Emily Snuffer

We’ve got Aaron’s bike, Aaron’s guitar, the future guest bed mattress and box spring, a pile of dirty laundry, project tools, dog treats and a TV that’s not hooked up. The dresser is used everyday, but it’s overfilled to the max. I had to shove, shove, shove to get those drawers to shut and it looks like I didn’t succeed on that bottom one. In the bottom left-hand corner you can see a smidge of Suge’s cage. This room is his home during the day.

It’s a friggin’ mess. I try to avoid this room at all costs. I get in the drawers and closet to get my clothes everyday, but other than that, I don’t step foot in here.

If you’re confused on where this room is in my house and why it’s in a state of disarray is because up until just recently, it has been my bedroom:

Emily Snuffer

But when we embarked on the big floor plan switch adventure, the bedroom became empty (and sealed its fate as the future office/guest room) and the bedroom moved in to the front room:

Emily Snuffer

Tracking with me?

I’ll be so glad when the floor plan switch is less fresh, because it’s confusing and arduous to explain.

Now, let’s go back to the office/second bedroom:

Emily Snuffer

The plan for this room is a simple one. It will be divided in to two areas – the bed space and the desk space. We’re turning those dressers (and adding a second identical MALM) in to a base for a desk. Kind of like this. The desk will span the entire length of the left wall, underneath the two windows. It will be clothes storage and a desk in one. The top will be a butcher-block style type of top. There will be a gap between the two dressers, leaving a large space for two desk chairs.

I totally want this desk chair, but it is pending Aaron’s approval (I gave him full design control over this room, remember?)

Emily Snuffer

source: PBTeen

I haven’t forgotten about the walls, which haven’t been touched since I moved in. I am thinking of painting this room a dark moody color, even the wall and window trim.

Like this:

source: AB CHAO

Whoa, momma. That room is like top 5 design crush by the way. It is by the lovely AB CHAO.┬áThe color is Downpipe by Farrow & Ball in case you’re wondering.

The verdict on the flooring is still out. If carpet is a “yes” (the dogs love lounging in this room because it’s the only room with a comfy floor) then it will need to replaced. If carpet is a “no” then we will extend the oak flooring I have in to this room.

Wall art I’m sure will be rock music posters. Music posters are Aaron’s cup of tea.

Patterned fabric roman shades

We’re doing COLOR.

We’re doing PATTERN.

We’re doing MANLY (minus the furry chair).

Should be fun. :)

xo, emily


6 thoughts on “The dreaded Office/Second Bedroom “before” picture.

  1. Christina

    That chair is so funky cool, I hope he agrees to it. How big is that room? It looks pretty similar to our second bedroom that I’m currently trying to turn into an office/guest room as well.

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