Ostrich Bathroom: Chapter Five (Final Reveal!)

This bathroom makeover was so satisfying to complete. We got it done in a little under 4 weeks with minimal drama, making it exactly the type of project I needed at the time. Fast, big impact, low-ish effort and healthy amounts of DIY. I am so excited to be writing this post!

Welcome to our ostrich bathroom.

This bathroom is so ME and aligns so well with where I am and what I love in design today. It’s a good mix of bright, quirky, trendy, fun, modern, crafty and more. It’s not too serious but it also has tones of luxury (ooo! shiny!) that I aspire to.

Here’s the bathroom when I first bought the place.

And then, after a severe detour to Blik-town, I settled for many years with this:

It was OK, but I wasn’t trying hard enough. It’s also fair to say that I’ve gotten a bit more risky since then. Although I am missing that clock! Anyways, here’s the same angle above today:

Let’s talk the vanity first. This is the same vanity as the before pictures, just painted a new color. The color is Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe (I had it mixed at Home Depot with semi-gloss Behr paint). I had a bit of a color snafu with the paint (you can read about that here) but for the most part, this was a standard paint job. I was even a good little DIYer and let the paint cure for nearly 1.5 weeks before I re-installed the doors.

The cabinet hardware isn’t final as the knobs and pulls I ordered (these and these) are on a 6-7 week backorder. My impatient self made do by just covering the old hardware in Rub ‘n Buff and then distressing (with a light grit sandpaper) the knobs and cup pulls to match the “aging” on the mirror. They are not perfect, but good enough while I wait!

The sink and faucets are new (and much-needed/wanted) additions. The top is a cultured white marble (read: inexpensive) and the faucet is a Delta knock-off (they had me at knock-off). I’ll post more on sources later this week but both the top and faucet came from a local discount warehouse, Builder’s Surplus in Newport, KY.

Oh, the medicine cabinet! This cabinet is hilariously Las Vegas inside. Every inch is covered in mirror, glass or chrome. We 100% love it! The previous medicine cabinet had very traditional lines and wasn’t working in the space. It was also a mess (I had stupidly used bleach spray on the inside a few years back). I was open to painting it, but after getting the wallpaper up, I didn’t want to cover up any more wallpaper real estate with something that was just OK. I needed a medicine cabinet with enough “wow” to keep up with the wallpaper, if that makes sense. This Rivet Cabinet in Brass fit the bill. It was a big splurge for me at $314 (and now it looks like it’s back at full price… that’s annoying!) but it makes the space. I love how it pairs with the yellow in the wallpaper as well as the brass accents in the adjoining rooms.

I talk about the shower curtain here (if you don’t want to click over, it’s just a twin sheet on curtain rings), but here it is again in all its glory. It’s a long one at 91″! And more details on the yarn-wrapped towel rack are here.

Most of the art on the shelves is DIY. We paid $11 for all of it! I went into detail on each one here, but there is one change since I last shared progress: I’ve added our Save the Date to the mix. I needed some thin black lines and yellow and spotted this on the fridge. Done!

And what’s an infinity symbol without the quote below? I wrote out this quote on paper (it means something special to Aaron and I) and stuck it in the frame. I like that it’s simple and doesn’t compete with the ostriches.

Here’s a better, zoomed out view of all of the “art” in the room. I shared it a little earlier in this post but figured it might be helpful here. The term “art” is loose here. By “art” I mean me shopping the house and putting whatever I can find into frames. With the exception of course of that awesome painting by Benjamin Rogers and the Ashmae ostrich print.

Phew, this is a lot of photos. Take a deep breath because here are more! Specifically, some detail shots of the space. I had so much fun accessorizing this little room. I always make myself promise that I’ll “style” my after photos and when I do, I’m that much prouder of the result but I don’t do it often. I’m working on it!

Pig planter turned porcupine!

We’re so excited to have this space done… it turned out better than what we could imagine! We’re in that fun part of a completed room where everything feels really precious and fragile. I’ve placed myself on a strict, no-hairspray ban while in the room but I’m guessing that will last…. oh, 48 hours.

If you’d like to read the whole ostrich bathroom story, here you go:

Design plan for the space

Chapter One: Removing the sink and faucet as well as making drywall repairs

Chapter Two: The wallpaper installed and selling the old sink and faucet on Craigslist

Chapter Three: All about painting the bathroom vanity and installing the floor-to-ceiling “shower curtain”

Chapter Four: Talks all of the little projects like the wall art, trash can and towel rack

And if you’re interested in the total cost and a list of sources, here is that information.



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DIY Ostrich Bathroom

58 thoughts on “Ostrich Bathroom: Chapter Five (Final Reveal!)

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Thanks Anu. Yes, the darker paint was the trick I think. It is the same exact color as the office but the light is making it look a little lighter. Thank goodness! I wanted to see some variation there between the two.

  1. angela

    YEAH! It all looks SO good. I have loved seeing the progress of this room an the after is fantastic! Seriously. That wallpaper!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Thanks Angela for following along! Thank goodness I got it done in a decent amount of time… my track record for completing rooms tends to fall in the years category not weeks, so this has been so refreshing for me.

  2. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile

    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said but your bathroom is PERFECTION! I love every single thing about it, including your temporary hardware. It’s making me rethink everything I’m doing in our bathroom haha I’m IN LOVE with that wallpaper! I hope you won’t hate me if I can get my hands on some for my own home :)

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Are you kidding me!? I would be tickled pink if you had ostrich paper in your home too. Want me to send you a sample? Lord knows I have a ton left over. It really is fantastic. HOWEVER I love your design plan for your current bathroom and have loved seeing your progress. Don’t change anything!

      1. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile

        You’re so sweet, I’d love a sample! I really want to wallpaper our laundry room (maybe it’d make laundry more fun!) but the room is so tight and I have no idea how we’d get the washer and dryer off of their pedestals and out of the room. That being said, I’m sure I could use the wallpaper elsewhere! Maybe as an accent wall in our guest or master bedroom? Or in our master closet? That’d be fun!

  3. caroline [the diy nurse]

    Absolutely stunning. I mean. Wow. That medicine cabinet is flippin amazing. And the paper and how the vanity picks up on the ostriches.

    And oh, styling! It’s the only thing that gets me through projects sometimes. Making it look like the image in my head is oh so satisfying.

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      I am usually so lazy when it comes to styling. I actually went out and bought flowers and shopped the basement and Home Goods for knick knacks this time. Feels good and I’m punching myself for not doing it more in my other posts.

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      Haha!! There are many husbands, boyfriends and fiances that are totally discombobulated by the ostriches. I saw it in another comment on someone else’s blog too. Luckily, Aaron really likes these! It helps that they are in a modern pattern, but yea, they’re weird!

  4. Staci

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!! Such an intentionally designed and executed place! It looks so designery and fabulous. The medicine cabinet is just what the space needed! I’m so inspired– pinning away!

  5. Alison @ Deuce Cities Henhouse

    Yes! It looks so good, Emily! You should be so thrilled with it. I love all your brass accents, and can’t wait to see the new pulls for the cabinet, they will be tyte. You are so right to have gone with the darker cabinet color – and btw I just got me some Farrow and Ball paint mixed at Home Depot too – good plan us! It’s the perfect amount of DIY, crafty projects and design, and you are totally good at styling your pics. Again, way to go, you should be so proud, it looks fantastico!

  6. jc

    Awesome job! I love your bathroom. Where did you get the floral arrangement (yellow balls + green leaves)? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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  8. Kristine

    This is so lovely. That wallpaper just makes it. Sigh, I wish I was braver (and didn’t tire of stuff after five minutes – I’m hopeless!).
    I would totally consider putting that apricot clock back in if you miss it. I think it would totally work with the little red/orange pops you’ve got going on already.

    1. emily @ go haus go Post author

      I need something exactly like the clock but a little smaller. Now that I have a smaller frame above the toilet, the scale of the clock is off. It’s hard to find cool clocks that are around 7″ in diameter!

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  11. Hilary

    Found your blog today via decor and the dog and I’m sad I haven’t come across it before! I love the details and can’t wait to dig in to your past projects when I have some time this weekend!

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    I’m sharing your bathroom transformation with my subscribers. This is exactly the kind of transformation needed in typical “builder’s special” bathrooms. Congratulations on the boutique outcome. Amazing!

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