A New Bed From Spoon [VIDEO!]

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As you know from my last post, we moved up the master bedroom to the top of our “things to get done around the house” list. And let me tell ya, it’s been very satisfying.

The latest news—we have a new bed!

Also fun news—we now have curtains!

I’ll talk more about the curtains later, mainly because I need to get some photos of them that doesn’t include a blur of a small child running past. 😉

Anyways, we have a new mattress/bed and it is from a company called Spoon. Spoon Sleep just launched and one of the reasons I was interested in them is because of their unique position in the market.

Spoon Sleep Bed

Our bed is the main piece of furniture in our bedroom, which means we use our bed for a whole lot more life things than just sleep. It’s where I feed the baby, work at night, read to the kids, etc. I think it’s safe to assume that we do a whole lot of living on our bed as a family and very little sleeping (that’s Otto’s fault).

Spoon Sleep Bed

So it only makes sense that a mattress should be designed for more than just sleep. Like, ding ding ding!

(Also, I have not talked much about my “real job” on this blog, but as a person in the product innovation industry who has spent 7 years working hard to create new products and ideas that fit peoples’ lives better, this bed spoke to me. It just makes sense. Of course!)

Spoon Sleep Bed

Spoon calls it a “life hub.” I call it a godsend.

The way that it works is that it is filled with these industrial-strength foam pillars. These pillars move as you move, to support you and lift you where you need it, whether you’re sleeping or working or whatever.

Spoon Sleep Bed

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me after posting it in my Instagram Stories and the best way I know how to describe it is this: you know those games back in the ’90’s where you place your hand on the bed of pins and the pins conform to the shape of your hand.. and moves and conforms to your shape as you move? Yea, it’s kind of like that.

I can’t feel the individual pillars at all, but I do feel supported in every which way.

It’s lovely.

The Spoon mattress comes inside a box and will expand as you open it up. Ours took about 36 hours to fully expand. It’s hard to believe a giant king-size bed can fit in there, but ’tis true.

Spoon Sleep Bed

Aaron made this fun video of us getting everything all set up, with help from the whole family. The boys were so excited to see it spring to life, and honestly so were we. Aaron and I might be even more excited to put our terrible 12-year old marshmallow lump of a mattress out on the curb. Buh-bye!

Watch here:

More Than Just a Bed with Spoon from Go Haus Go on Vimeo.

We’ve spent about a week with our Spoon mattress and we’ll report back as we spend more time with it. So far, so good!

And for transparency sake, Spoon did send me this bed to review, but all thoughts and opinions are very much my own. The whole “hey, it’s kind of like that pin game!” was definitely my idea LOL!

To learn more about the Spoon mattress, here’s their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Use code READYTOSPOON for $100 off your first Spoon bed.





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  • Reehana says:

    Hi Emily! Long time fan of your blog. 🙂
    How does this mattress compare to the Leesa? I’m on the market for a new mattress and have been shopping around online.

    • Emily May says:

      Hi Reehana! Thanks so much for reading here! I love that. So… I have not tried the Leesa and don’t know much about it overall. I have another foam mattress in the house and the biggest difference I’ve noticed between that one and Spoon is 1.) we keep cool and 2.) the Spoon is much softer (almost like sleeping on a pillowtop). I will ask around about the Leesa! My plan is to do a “one month in” post on the Spoon to see how it has fared.

      • Reehana says:

        I remember the post about the other mattress, I guess I just assumed it was a Leesa since that one is so popular! Good to know this one stays cool, that’s definitely something to consider since I live in Texas!

    • Sharvari Dayal says:

      Hi Reehana,

      The main difference between the Spoon and Leesa are the support pillars that Emily showed in this post! These pillars help create that spooning support and comfort your back needs. The Pillars also help you from feeling the vibrations of others tossing and turning. So whether its your little ones, pets or your partner getting in and out, you’ll sleep peacefully.

      Let us know you have other questions!
      Shar – Spoon Team

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