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For so long I was convinced window treatments were not needed throughout the house. “It looks clean and minimal! Don’t cover the trim!” I would say. But then one day recently, I swiftly switched sides. Window treatments all the way! The reason for the switch is we have new neighbors who use their back porch all. of. the time. Our kitchen windows are two feet away from their back porch, which puts them in clear view of us a little too frequently for my comfort.

The clear view inside our house does not bode well when it’s seven in the morning and I’m attempting my near-daily, half-naked run back to the laundry room to grab some underthings. I’ve done one too many an army crawl under the kitchen windows, if ya know what I mean.

Now I can make my morning mad dash in peace! Yay for shades!



These are the same shades we used in the bedroom — Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shades from Overstock (affiliate link) — and we have been so impressed by their quality, their price and the huge range of widths and lengths they come in. They are not 100% privacy blinds, but they do help. Aaron says they “pixelate” the view versus totally block it, haha.


Now, for the super observant ones, you may have noticed another change in the above photos. My IKEA round table has been blessed with a marble top! I love IKEA but their white MDF chips so badly and that was the case with this table. It was gross and it always looked dirty. Marble to the rescue.

Here’s a close up of the table top:


You want to know the best part? It’s faux marble contact paper from Design Your Wall. The joy of marble without the pain of cost. I have seen this contact paper used on other blogs before—Kirsten’s side tables are my favorite—and it looked easy enough to install. It’s really just peel and stick.


The roll comes in a 18″ width, so I needed three strips (and two seams) to cover the ~40″ top completely. The seams are there but easy to overlook. Can you spot the one below?


The veining of the “marble” is beautiful and matches my backsplash perfectly.

So there you have it, new blinds and a new faux marble table top.

It feels good to make progress, however slow it seems these days. I’ve got more of the same shades in a box waiting to be installed in the laundry room and living room.

I’m in Dallas for work for the rest of the week, so it’s going to be quiet here again. So sorry. This whole full-time job thing plus a blog feels nearly impossible sometimes, but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope you all have a great week.

Much love,


p/s: Overstock had nothing to do with this post. I paid for the blinds myself. I did ask Design Your Wall for the marble contact paper, which they sent along free of charge. Thank you Design Your Wall!



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