Spending My Tax Check

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Each April I wait in desperation patiently wait for my tax check to arrive. And as I wait, I daydream over how to spend this glorious gift from the government. I’ve considered so many things:

  1. Spending it on a Caribbean vacation
  2. Saving it (boring)
  3. Purchasing an overpriced hand bag (like last year)
  4. Sending it to my parents in an effort to reduce the tab I’ve built up over the years
  5. New work wardrobe
  6. More flooring for the house
  7. Billy bookcases

I’ve finally decided… drum roll please… to buy a…HOT TUB!!! Now of course since I can’t afford the classier, in-ground model, I’m opting for the budget-friendly, take-it-with-you-when-you-leave-model:

Emily Snuffer

Isn’t it beautiful!??? I’m going to buy some plants to cover up the blue but I kind of like it. It reminds me of Sea World, except no one gets killed by a whale. And the sound will be just lovely. I’m sure all my neighbors (who live literally inches away on either side of me) will appreciate the soothing sounds of squeaky rubber and Aaron and I cussing because it’s leaking and/or the chlorine levels are all off.


OK…. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!! I mean… can you imagine? This thing is hysterical. Did I get ya???

– emily