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It’s Starting to Look Like Home: Part 1

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We have internet! We have internet! So here I am with an update for you. Our first night in the new house was Saturday, November 29. Since then, we’ve been unpacking, organizing and setting each room up one by one. It’s been helpful to do it this way we stay focused on a room until it’s “good enough for now” and then move on to the next. The entry way and living room were the first to reach this state, so I wanted to share with you where we are. Here’s the picture tour when we first moved in if you need to get caught up!

Welcome to our living room!

Moving Update Pt 1

Let’s back it up a bit. Here’s a wider view of the space.

Moving Update Pt 1

We have a new sofa! It’s ginormous! It’s traditional! You know… after years of awkwardly sitting on “form over function” furniture in our main space we were ready for a true TV-watchin’, nap-slingin’ sofa with no microfiber. And this is it! We got it for such a steal… for about $495 on eBay from a local seller so no shipping. It had very little of a description so it was one of those “well, let’s pay for it and see what happens” eBay experiences and we got lucky… it seems brand new. The brand is Jonathan Louis which is Macy’s furniture manufacturer.

Moving Update Pt 1

Let’s talk floors. Our past home had oak laminate floors and now we have 113-yr-old pine floors (with a new, dark stain). It’s been an adjustment to say the least! I see lots of rug purchases in our future. We nabbed that 9 x 12 beige rug you see above for $130 from the local Bargains & Buyouts. About the floors, the pine is a very soft wood so we have to be reasonably careful. That will be hard for me because I’m not precious about floors AT ALL. The dark stain looks pretty but holy moley it’s a pain in the butt. If we had the cash, I would have stripped and stained all the floors a lighter tone before moving in but here we are. If you need me, I’ll be sweeping, mopping and dusting on a near-regular basis. Anyone else on the dark floors struggle bus especially those with dogs? I need all of your secrets!

Moving Update Pt 1

Everything else in the living room are pieces from our old house. Eventually, that TV will get mounted above the fireplace and the white chest will move to a yet-to-be-determined spot.

Just beyond the living room is the entryway (or entry way? 2 words? 1? bear with me…).

Moving Update Pt 1

We chose this spot for the Christmas tree because it’s the only spot where you can see it from the street, right through the front door glass. I get home after dark most nights and this tree is like my little beacon of home. Cheesy, but true!

Moving Update Pt 1

The campaign dresser in the corner was another recent used find. It needs a LOT of work (mostly repair of a cracked corner) but it was $50 with a lot of potential and I need furniture for this house! This is its temporary residence. It will move upstairs after we find a good console table for the entry. For now, it’s holding all of our doggie accessories.

Moving Update Pt 1

This is the long hallway connecting the entryway to the kitchen. The kitchen is in pretty good shape too but I’ll have that update for you as soon as I can take pics!

Moving Update Pt 1

So yea, things are taking shape around here. Slowly but surely. It’s going to be a long process finding affordable pieces that will take these spaces from the current look to the aesthetic that I’m going after, but we’ll get there. I did make a small leap in the new direction when I ordered this crazy Sputnik thing¬†using my sofa snafu store credit. Not sure where it’s going but I’m sure I’ll find a spot! It will arrive in a few weeks.

So that’s where we are! Our original plan was to have our first night be here two days ago (hence the long stretch with no internet), but parents, family and friends showed up and accelerated this move to something I never thought was going to be possible. People loaned us their utility vans, their muscles, and their vacation time for days at a time. It was so, so awesome and it meant so much to us.

OK, that’s all for now. And YES, in case you were wondering, I am homesick for the old house. It’s getting better and better, but the first couple of days were no fun. I’ll have an update on the other house here soon.