De-Pilling Upholstery and Fabric

By February 27, 2017Haus Hacks

Ok, real quick post! I posted about “shaving” some of our upholstery this weekend using this neat $12 fabric shaver and there was some serious interest in how it worked. As it turns out, we all have pilling fabric that drives us crazy!

Conair Fabric Shaver

We absolutely love the glider in our boys’ room (it’s this one from Land of Nod), but we’ve been hard on it and its fabric these last two years. I’d like it to stay with us for a long time—it’s the boys’ favorite chair to read books—but the pilling made it look terrible! The pilling turned a dark blue, probably caused by dirt and the dark dye of our jeans.

I’m a part of this big group on Facebook called “Laundry Love & Cleaning Science” (obsessed!) and a bunch of members were singing the praises of this little $12 magic tool via Amazon—the Conair Fabric Shaver. It had over 3K great reviews, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And have since been shaving every piece of fabric I can get my hands on.

Conair Fabric Shaver

It comes with a depth guard on it that can adjust depending on the type of fabric, but I’ve found that removing the guard all together helped speed up the process. I just moved it in a circular motion over the fabric until all the pilling was removed.

Conair Fabric Shaver

Anyways, if you get satisfaction from these types of things (pimple popping anyone?), you’ll love this thing. Here are some fun before and afters of the glider fabric.

Conair Fabric Shaver

Conair Fabric Shaver

Can you tell which side I did/didn’t do below? Ha.

Conair Fabric Shaver

If you’ve got a big project, like a sofa or a rug, there’s also a rechargeable, “extreme” version. I haven’t tried it, but I can only imagine the amount of de-pilling it could tackle.

That’s all for today! Now excuse me while I de-pill more stuff. 🙂






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  • Susan says:

    Hah, I remember when these first came out and I de-pilled sweaters, etc. Fantastic suggestion, did a super job, who knew? This is the beauty of the internet…we all get to share each other’s brains. Now that I know this, I can share, because this is a total, head slapping moment.

  • Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have a 1 year old couch, chair and ottoman and they were pilling terribly on the edges- it was driving me crazy! I just got the Conair device you recommended and it works fantastic!! I can live with this furniture again! Thanks again

  • KIM says:

    What a difference!

  • Cynthy says:

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