I’m a Giant: Finished bedroom + kitchen.

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Hello, friends! It’s time for another dollhouse post. We are inching closer and closer to the December 15th deadline which is less than 3 posts (including this one) away. Last week I shared the finished bathroom and today I have the finished master bedroom and kitchen.

Emily Snuffer

As I mentioned last week, the wood wall behind the bed is a collection of floor samples from Home Depot. The bed itself looked granny (like this) so it got new bedding and headboard. The side table and kilim rug I found awhile back at a thrift store. The mirror, picture frame and glass jar are from Hobby Lobby. The silver bowl on the floor is actually a Christmas ornament sawed in half, with pinecones I snipped from an old Christmas wreath. The red chair is another Christmas ornament from CB2.

Emily Snuffer

The bed frame had a tall frame originally. I used the existing headboard banisters or “legs” to anchor the hemp string and wrapped the string around several times to create a quick headboard. Ta da! The furry blanket is actually from the band of a Santa hat I grabbed at Target in the dollar bins a few days ago.

Emily Snuffer

I’d love to add some lighting but for timing sake, this room is complete. This is absolutely my favorite room in the house so far. Love the white walls and white floors paired with the reds, browns and natural textures.

Next up – the kitchen.

Emily Snuffer

No appliances in this kitchen. They’re all “hidden” behind drawers all fancy like. The front of the cabinets are more floor samples from Home Depot – cork this time around. The countertop is black mat board from Hobby Lobby. The toast (yea toast!) and corked bottles are also from Hobby Lobby. The fridge isn’t here but is on its way from eBay land.

Emily Snuffer

The closer we get the more you’ll notice it needs some finishing work. 🙂 The pendant lights are meant to look like farm lamps and are just the tops of small ornaments from Target. Yep, they are attached to the ceiling with paper clips. Keepin’ it classy around here. The photo is a mini glossy photo I picked up at a thrift store. The photo was originally in the kid’s room but if you look close, it’s an image of boys in their skivvies at the pool so didn’t think it’d be appropriate for a 9 year old girl.

I obviously still need to add trim (and possibly a sink?) but glad to finally make decent progress.

At the end of this (AKA two weeks) I’ll do a big tour and show pulled-out shots of the rooms so it is easier to see how everything ties together. Honestly, I’m excited to bring the dollhouse back upstairs and give it a permanent spot in my real-size house. And then have a party so people can gently fiddle with the diminutive decor.

Next week I’ll have the dining room and living room to share. I actually bought furniture (my first piece of purchased mini modern furniture!) from the very talented Logan who is also participating in the challenge.

Trying to catch up on all this dollhouse nonsense? Go here to see all the posts I’ve written on the subject to date.

– emily

p/s: Random note. I’ve rekindled my love for animal print. This is my new cell phone cover thanks to their recent 25% off sale. Meow.

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  • Christina says:

    I love your chairs. And that rug is so cool.

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      Thanks so much! I got lucky on the rug… found a whole pile of them at the flea market. Wishing I would have brought home more than 3…

  • The house is looking absolutely fantastic! I’m absolutely LOVING your make-shift solutions (hey santa’s hat fur and mini ornaments) and I can see the whole place is really coming together. I’m still super jealous of your rugs and actually, this post is making me bite the eBay bullet and pick up some kilim of my own. Keep up the great work!!!

  • I love that little chair on the left in the kitchen! Also the cork looks awesome, as well as the kitchen lights and the photo on the wall. So basically the whole kitchen is great… Also loving the rug in the bedroom!

    I can’t believe the deadline is coming up so quickly! ahhh so much work to do! Last night I spent hours making a mini sofa, but that’s the first thing I have worked on in weeks. You’re so good about keeping on schedule with this, it’s making me feel bad for not posting or doing anything dollhouse related in so long! I’m going to take a little inspiration from how awesome yours looks and get some things done so I can post this weekend.

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      Don’t give me too much credit! I did have a two week break where the only thing I did was search for dollhouse stuff. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish but we can do it!

  • This is the coolest little bedroom! I LOVE it!

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  • Ouida Hardin says:

    Fanfreakentastic! I adore your dollhouse you crafted and also your description of the process. I am restoring a dollhouse also we built for our daughter 30 years ago and your site has given me inspiration! Thanks for sharing your creativity with others! I found you on Pinterest. Can you tell me how you cut the Christmas ornaments for hanging lights so smoothly?

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      I sawed them with a hack saw and then used sandpaper to smooth down the edges. Thanks for your sweet comments. It’s one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done!! I hope to have a daughter one day I can give it to!

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