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I’ve been MIA on the dollhouse challenge for two weeks. I owe you a huge update. I didn’t share those two weeks because well, there wasn’t much to share. And I hate to boring. Trust me, it would have been a boring two weeks of dollhouse posts. I used my time to track down furniture and accessories.

I have a finished bathroom, a partially complete bedroom and the beginnings of a kitchen to share with you today.

The Bathroom

Emily Snuffer

I’ve always wanted black floors with white walls. I’m such a sucker for high contrast.

Emily Snuffer

I think I’ve blogged about the mirror before. It’s a MAC compact mirror removed from its clamshell and tied with hemp rope. Completely free and inspired by the Restoration Hardware mirror I love so much. I was going to put it in the dining room but it fits perfectly in the bathroom above the sink.

The Master Bedroom

Emily Snuffer

Centered on the wood paneled wall will be a bed, which is currently under construction. The walls will stay white and the bedding simple. The chair is another Christmas ornament from CB2. I’ll probably add a few more pieces of furniture and lighting. It’s 50% there.

Emily Snuffer

The wall is the best part of the dollhouse so far. It’s so rich in tone.

Emily Snuffer

The paneled wall is actually 3 floor samples of Genesis Hickory Cocoa Hand Scraped hardwood from Home Depot. I carried about 20 samples out of the store. I even asked if it was OK. The guy sort of shrugged and said, “well I’m not going to tackle you or anything” which was a strange response so I kept walking to my car. Other bloggers are using floor samples too and the general consensus is these home improvement stores don’t seem to mind, especially if you’re buying other things that day. To their advantage, now I really want hand scraped floors in my home.

The Kitchen

Emily Snuffer

I’ll be hand-making furniture for the kitchen area. I’ve bought and returned a few kitchen sets as none of them seem to work. Either too traditional or too oddly sized. I’ll be using more floor samples (cork) to build the counter / island area.

Emily Snuffer

My favorite feature in the kitchen so far (ok, there’ve only been two) are the “concrete” floors. I love the texture the paper seems to carry, as well as the color.

So that’s it! Lots of progress yet still lots of things to get done. I’ll be back next week to share more! Full steam ahead!

– emily

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