I’m a Giant: The Dollhouse is Complete!

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The dollhouse is complete! Wahoo!

I first started on the dollhouse in early October as a part of the I’m a Giant Challenge. The dollhouse is a handmade beast of an item, with four rooms on the first floor (living room, dining room, entry way and kitchen) and three rooms (master bedroom, kid’s bedroom and bathroom) on the second floor.

The day I brought home the dollhouse, the outside looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

And now, it looks like this:

Emily Snuffer

I stained the roof twice to get the color super dark. The color scheme is gray (Martha Stewart Bedford Gray), white and red (Martha Stewart Ladybug). My trick to getting the outside done was to spray paint the trim white and then come in and frame out the gray. It was just easier.

Emily Snuffer

I love the little flowers in the flower boxes. They were another donated item by Mr. Awesomesauce, Benjamin Rogers.

And, if you recall, the inside looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

But now, it’s looking much different:

Emily SnufferEmily Snuffer

Let’s go through the dollhouse room by room.

The Entryway

Emily Snuffer

This is the first room you see upon entering the house. I painted the stairs to have a white kick step and a dark brown step. The rug and the chair are both from thrift stores. The lamp above actually works – it’s one of those faux tealights with the light switch. It was just a matter of applying some sort of shade (craft wood), white paint and thin wiring to attach it to the ceiling.

For more on the entryway, go here.

The Dining Room

Emily Snuffer

This is by far the boldest room in the house.  I did have the wallpaper covering the entire wall but it was crazy so I cut it at a third and did a wainscoting-type treatment in white. This is the first room where I dabbled in doorway trim and after loving the “finished” look it brought I added it in other areas of the house.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s the view from the dining room looking into the entry way. You’ll see the dark wood tones throughout due to the older furniture. I think I did a decent job of balancing out the wood tones with bright whites and color.

For more on the dining room, go here. 

The Living Room

Emily Snuffer

This is a room I haven’t posted yet. I just finished it a few days ago. I first started with the striped wallpaper and went from there. The sofa I made myself. In pictures it’s OK, but it is sort of a hot mess in person. Not too bad for my first try. And if you’re wondering, the “QC” framed on the wall stands for “Queen City” – a nickname given to Cincinnati.

Emily Snuffer

The little table is one of my favorite pieces because I dipped the legs in white paint. I’ve always waited to have “dipped” furniture and now I do. Before it was so granny, but with just a little dip, the paint modernized it in a big way.

Emily Snuffer

The lowboy credenza was the only real piece of mini furniture I purchased. The talented Logan from One Forty Three made it. It never felt right to stock up on random (and expensive) dollhouse furniture but furniture made by a fellow blogger and dollhouser is an endeavor I certainly can support.

The Kitchen

Emily Snuffer

The kitchen received several updates this week, namely a better countertop and new appliances.

Emily Snuffer

The coolest addition (in my opinion) has been the sunken sink and the countertop stove. I also dipped one of my gold pitchers in white for a fun look. And oh look, my toast is ready for breakfast.

Emily Snuffer

Another look at the right-hand side of the kitchen. I added another thrift store rug, a “stainless steel” refrigerator and one of my red wired CB2 chairs. It was a happy accident that the red in the kitchen is jiving so well with the dining room.

For more on the kitchen, go here.

The Master Bedroom

Emily Snuffer

Now we’ve headed on upstairs. The master bedroom takes on a slightly more rustic look than the other rooms, like the hemp rope headband. The clean, crisp and tucked bedding here is awesome. Now if only Aaron could learn how to make a bed…

Emily Snuffer

For more on the master bedroom, go here.

The Bathroom

Emily Snuffer

For the bathroom I went to my go-to, high contrast look to dramatize the space a little bit. I love the combinations of brass, white and black.

Emily Snuffer

The mirror is a mini knock-off of a Restoration Hardware mirror. I’ve started to love more rounded mirror shapes above a boxy vanity. Plus, round mirrors just seem more elegant and put together.

For more on the bathroom, go here.

The Kid’s Room

Emily Snuffer

This is Olivia’s room. When I lasted posted about the room I was feeling uninspired so I updated the bedding, added a colorful, patterned rug and did some general rearranging. I had this awesome, mini canoe so of course I mounted it on the ceiling.

Emily Snuffer

For more on Olivia’s room, go here.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, “That’s all folks!” The very completed dollhouse. In case you’re seeking additional details on any of the rooms, here’s a helpful index of their original posts:


Dining Room

Living Room (only in this post)


Master Bedroom


Olivia’s Room

All additional photos can be found via Flickr here

So, I’m dying to know. Which is your favorite room? Least favorite? Things that caught your eye? And most importantly, can you believe I’m done with the dollhouse!?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on dollars spent and things I learned/mistakes I made along the way in this grand, dollhousing adventure.

– emily


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