I’m a Giant: The kid’s room.

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Emily Snuffer

Dollhouse Friday! I’m realizing that December 15 (challenge deadline) is creeping up closer and closer. Ack! My approach is to touch each room to give it a jump start and finalize a “direction” and then go back through each room to put on the final touches. So far I have three rooms I’ve started (entryway, dining room and this room). I still need to start the kitchen and the office. I think I’ll have enough time. Eventually I’ll need to bite the bullet and order some furniture.

Probably the most important thing of this post is that I finally got off my lazy arse and went out and bought some stuff to take better dollhouse pictures. And by stuff I mean a $8 clip lamp and a $4 pack of faux-sunlight bulbs.

Oh, and the makings of a kid’s bedroom are coming together. This kid (I know I previously said twins but I could only crank out so many cardboard beds) is way cool. She prefers shopping at thrift stores much to her designer mom’s chagrin. Her name is Olivia (I decided) and she is 7 years old. Do 7 year olds like shopping at thrift stores? Hmm. Anyways..

Here’s Olivia’s room before I got started.

Emily Snuffer

You’ll notice Olivia has picked a white wallpaper with tiny pink polka dots.

And here’s Olivia’s room after a major make-furniture-out-of-cardboard session.

Emily Snuffer

Isn’t she fun? And she likes canoes. Naturally.

Emily Snuffer

Olivia really is too old for that little rocking horse but she won’t let it go. Olivia can be a stubborn ass sometimes. And someone tell her to iron that rug.

Emily Snuffer

Olivia is reading the Twilight books for the third time. She’s Team Jacob. Her mother won’t let her read the last book because vampire sex is not appropriate for a 7 year old.

Enough about Olivia. Here are some room details. The headboard is actually three layers of cardboard upholstered with batting (old white towel) and orange fabric (RIP Gap t-shirt dress). I needed the three layers of cardboard so the staples wouldn’t go all the way through. I used spray adhesive to hold the three layers together. I sort of want to diamond tuft it but we’ll see.

The bed/mattress I shoddily constructed out of cardboard. Man, it’s a shoddy job but with practice I will get better. I covered it with white fabric (using spray adhesive) to make it look more finished.

The ceiling thing is a tissue paper pouf. I want to add more. I practically ripped off the roof trying to get that thing to stay up there.

I still need a credenza in here, bedding, a side table, a frame for the oversized photograph and some desktop accessories and I’ll be good to go.

Emily Snuffer

I should have rigged this lighting a long time ago. No more crappy pictures, I promise.

What do you think? What I really want to know is – what is your dollhouse decorating approach? Are you tackling the outside first? Room by room?

– emily

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p/p/s: Happy Friday!!


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  • Melanie says:

    “Olivia really is too old for that little rocking horse but she won’t let it go. Olivia can be a stubborn ass sometimes. And someone tell her to iron that rug.”

    You are cracking me up! The psychologist in me is wondering what kind of therapeutic effect you are getting from the dollhouse. hahaha

  • Love how Olivia’s room is coming together! A tough project with such an opinionated 7 year old that’s for sure 😉 And thanks for the lighting tip – I was definitely wondering how I was going to take some quality photos once the white foamcore was covered…

    As for my dollhouse (once I finally finish building the thing), I think I’m going to wallpaper/paint all the rooms and then accessorize one by one. I’m also making all the furniture (eek!) so I’m sure there will be a couple “oh, that would look way better in this room” moments but hopefully not many. Once I have most everything in the rooms, I’ll take a couple days for final accessories and making the dollhouse look “lived in”.

    This weekend is a big weekend for me – hoping to get all the construction completed so I have enough time to make teeny tiny bathtubs and dressers!

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      Yay! You’re crafty construction skills are so beyond mine (your house is looking amazing) so I’m so excited to see! Progress feels good. 🙂

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