The Kitchen: Chapter Six (Final Reveal!)

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The day is finally here. The kitchen is done! It feels great to have this space done and off of our minds now that summer is here. I can say we are very, very ready to enjoy the outdoors and really anything that doesn’t involve something that can be bought at a hardware store.

We started this project mid-April, so it took a little over 7 weeks to complete. This is our first big “renovation” so yep, we hit some snags along the way but we’re here and alive and still married so all is good! 😉

Here is the kitchen when we first started.

And here is the kitchen today:

Here is another before from a slightly different angle:

And here it is today:

There are so many things I need to talk about but for the sake of keeping this post somewhat short I’ll keep it to three things.

1. The GE Artistry Series

I cannot say enough good things about my new appliances. They were the first things to get installed in the kitchen and I used their retro, modern look as inspiration for the rest of the design. Kudos to GE for providing sleek appliances at an affordable price point. You can read more about my collaboration with GE here.

2. Countertop-to-Ceiling Marble Tile

Otherwise known as the Great Wall of Tile. We used the Greecian White 3 x 6 polished marble tile from Home Depot. We went extra wide with the grout to make sure the brick/subway tile pattern was very obvious. I’m so happy we made that choice. I talk more about the marble tile in the previous chapter of this kitchen series. Right now I’m dealing with the very irrational fear that this wall is going to topple down from the weight of all that tile but so far, so good.

3. Upside-Down Open Shelving

We took the remaining 26″ of the leftover countertop to make our shelves, just basically cutting the leftover piece in half. We decided to hang these upside down to allow for more free, bracket-less space between the bottom and top shelf.  I’ll do a full tutorial soon but I basically mashed together two popular tutorials—Bower Power’s post on hanging shelves on tile and Vintage Revival’s post on upside-down shelving.  This little project required us to drill 8 holes in the newly installed tile and yes, that was a very scary task.

And now a photo dump because I took so many darn pictures!

Here are the posts I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks:

  • Sources and budget
  • Marble tile installation
  • Blooper reel (yep, we messed up a ton so here’s a chance to learn from us)
  • Upside-down shelving on marble tile wall

And here are the rest of the kitchen chapters, if you’d like to start from the beginning: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four and Chapter Five.

Update: Here’s a post with all of the source and cost information.



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