Master Bedroom Update (Plus 4-Month Spoon Mattress Review!)

By January 23, 2018Room Makeovers

We’ve slowly but surely been ticking away at our master bedroom project. This has always been a tricky space to keep prioritized on our house projects list because it’s just a space for Aaron and I, but my goodness, keeping it top of mind and continuing to work on it has been the best. And I’ve been making our bed everyday—GAME CHANGER.

We’ve done a few things in here already—hanging curtains, adding a rug and a large gold mirror. And there’s a new mattress here that allowed us to put our very old and very tired IKEA bed finally out of commission. More on that in a moment.

Let’s talk the walls! I really took a big risk here and painted the walls… WHITE! Predictable I know, but when it works it works. This is Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I also painted all of the door and floor trim.

Master Bedroom Painted White

Here is what it looked like when we first started:

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

It’s such a brighter, happier space with white walls and fresh curtains. (And you guys, these curtains are game changers. They’re so well-made, HEAVY and can block out every single inch of light without looking too industrial or blah. They are a lovely velvet texture and you can buy them (for very affordably might I add) here.

Master Bedroom Painted White

Master Bedroom Painted White

We’ve got a bit more ways to go, and honestly have steered pretty far off our original plan, but I’m loving the direction overall. I’d love to get some wallpaper in here, but it’s a big space. My dream would be Cavern Home’s Birds of Paradigm here, but unless I agree to sell one of my kidneys, the numbers just are not going to work. I’m not too bummed—it will just push me to get more creative.

Perhaps the biggest improvement to this space is one you can’t really see and that is the mattress! We added a Spoon Sleep mattress in September and as promised, wanted to do a follow-up on it now that we’ve lived with it for several (four) months.

Spoon Sleep Bed

You guys, we love this mattress. This is not our first rodeo when it comes to foam-mattress-in-the-box companies and it has by far been the best experience. A couple of things about our experience with the Spoon Sleep mattress:

  • It is a medium-firm mattress which has been a nice balance between the marshmallow pod that was our IKEA mattress and the very firm and hard memory foam mattress we have upstairs
  • We stay cool, which is a big deal for foam mattresses, who sometimes get a bad rap for retaining body heat
  • The sides are firm. If you have experience with foam mattresses, you’ll know some of them suffer from soft sides that “collapse” when you get close to the edge. This is not one of those mattresses
  • I do notice that Aaron’s side has become a little softer than mine over time, so something to be consider if you consider yourself big and/or tall and want to maintain more firmness.
  • The foam pillars! This is a big one for me and I will be honest, I was skeptical at first (My day job is marketing and I get paid to “spin” things to feel more unique than they actually are). Spoon mattresses are made with foam pillars and guys, I can feel these pillars. In the best way. They are supportive and soft and have been the best for someone who loves spring mattresses but wanted the benefits of a foam option.

The foam pillars inside the mattress look like this:

Spoon Sleep Bed

Yep, we are fans. All of us, including two little monkeys who want to sleep in here every night. 🙂 Here’s our original post on the Spoon Sleep mattress.
Spoon Sleep Bed

Next up for this space? Wall decor, figuring out something special for the walls, lighting and more. Maybe 2018 will be the year. 🙂




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  • Kim says:

    Can I just say that this doesn’t even look like the same space. I think those high curtains are game changers! Just so pretty!

    • Emily May says:

      It’s looking very grown up which is a very strange concept for a room that has gone unloved for so long. The curtains are the best! I could really block out every single inch of light if I wanted to!

  • Diego Lopes says:

    I agree, the bedroom is much brighter and joyful now! I love how it looks!

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    A good mattress makes such a big difference. Love the wallpaper you mentioned and I totally want that tassel throw. It’s so pretty

    • Emily May says:

      Thanks Julia! The mattress has been a game changer… I don’t think I realized how bad our old one was until we started sleeping better on this one. Should have done it a long time ago!

  • Emelia says:

    I love the refresh, the curtains look great! I liked how you mentioned “I also painted all of the door and floor trim.” like NBD. When in fact, even if it’s just one coat, I know that is a tedious project, but can make a big impact. Can’t wait to see what sort of lighting you select!

    • Emily May says:

      hahaha. I love mindless painting. A mental health day for me is taking a vacation day from work, grabbing some fast food, firing up a podcast (This American Life currently) and painting away with no interruptions. Best medicine ever. I try to do it 3x a year!

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