Ostrich Bathroom: Chapter Five (Final Reveal!)

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This bathroom makeover was so satisfying to complete. We got it done in a little under 4 weeks with minimal drama, making it exactly the type of project I needed at the time. Fast, big impact, low-ish effort and healthy amounts of DIY. I am so excited to be writing this post!

Welcome to our ostrich bathroom.

This bathroom is so ME and aligns so well with where I am and what I love in design today. It’s a good mix of bright, quirky, trendy, fun, modern, crafty and more. It’s not too serious but it also has tones of luxury (ooo! shiny!) that I aspire to.

Here’s the bathroom when I first bought the place.

And then, after a severe detour to Blik-town, I settled for many years with this:

It was OK, but I wasn’t trying hard enough. It’s also fair to say that I’ve gotten a bit more risky since then. Although I am missing that clock! Anyways, here’s the same angle above today:

Let’s talk the vanity first. This is the same vanity as the before pictures, just painted a new color. The color is Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe (I had it mixed at Home Depot with semi-gloss Behr paint). I had a bit of a color snafu with the paint (you can read about that here) but for the most part, this was a standard paint job. I was even a good little DIYer and let the paint cure for nearly 1.5 weeks before I re-installed the doors.

The cabinet hardware isn’t final as the knobs and pulls I ordered (these and these) are on a 6-7 week backorder. My impatient self made do by just covering the old hardware in Rub ‘n Buff and then distressing (with a light grit sandpaper) the knobs and cup pulls to match the “aging” on the mirror. They are not perfect, but good enough while I wait!

The sink and faucets are new (and much-needed/wanted) additions. The top is a cultured white marble (read: inexpensive) and the faucet is a Delta knock-off (they had me at knock-off). I’ll post more on sources later this week but both the top and faucet came from a local discount warehouse, Builder’s Surplus in Newport, KY.

Oh, the medicine cabinet! This cabinet is hilariously Las Vegas inside. Every inch is covered in mirror, glass or chrome. We 100% love it! The previous medicine cabinet had very traditional lines and wasn’t working in the space. It was also a mess (I had stupidly used bleach spray on the inside a few years back). I was open to painting it, but after getting the wallpaper up, I didn’t want to cover up any more wallpaper real estate with something that was just OK. I needed a medicine cabinet with enough “wow” to keep up with the wallpaper, if that makes sense. This Rivet Cabinet in Brass fit the bill. It was a big splurge for me at $314 (and now it looks like it’s back at full price… that’s annoying!) but it makes the space. I love how it pairs with the yellow in the wallpaper as well as the brass accents in the adjoining rooms.

I talk about the shower curtain here (if you don’t want to click over, it’s just a twin sheet on curtain rings), but here it is again in all its glory. It’s a long one at 91″! And more details on the yarn-wrapped towel rack are here.

Most of the art on the shelves is DIY. We paid $11 for all of it! I went into detail on each one here, but there is one change since I last shared progress: I’ve added our Save the Date to the mix. I needed some thin black lines and yellow and spotted this on the fridge. Done!

And what’s an infinity symbol without the quote below? I wrote out this quote on paper (it means something special to Aaron and I) and stuck it in the frame. I like that it’s simple and doesn’t compete with the ostriches.

Here’s a better, zoomed out view of all of the “art” in the room. I shared it a little earlier in this post but figured it might be helpful here. The term “art” is loose here. By “art” I mean me shopping the house and putting whatever I can find into frames. With the exception of course of that awesome painting by Benjamin Rogers and the Ashmae ostrich print.

Phew, this is a lot of photos. Take a deep breath because here are more! Specifically, some detail shots of the space. I had so much fun accessorizing this little room. I always make myself promise that I’ll “style” my after photos and when I do, I’m that much prouder of the result but I don’t do it often. I’m working on it!

Pig planter turned porcupine!

We’re so excited to have this space done… it turned out better than what we could imagine! We’re in that fun part of a completed room where everything feels really precious and fragile. I’ve placed myself on a strict, no-hairspray ban while in the room but I’m guessing that will last…. oh, 48 hours.

If you’d like to read the whole ostrich bathroom story, here you go:

Design plan for the space

Chapter One: Removing the sink and faucet as well as making drywall repairs

Chapter Two: The wallpaper installed and selling the old sink and faucet on Craigslist

Chapter Three: All about painting the bathroom vanity and installing the floor-to-ceiling “shower curtain”

Chapter Four: Talks all of the little projects like the wall art, trash can and towel rack

And if you’re interested in the total cost and a list of sources, here is that information.



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