Quick Half Bath Makeover + $100 Giveaway to My Favorite Source

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At the bottom of those post I’m giving away a $100 gift card to one of my favorite decor sources! 

Ugh… MONDAY! As I write this I’m savoring the last moments of Sunday and just wanting time to slowwww down! Our weekends have been full of house projects and this one was no exception. I spent a little bit of time on our half bathroom this weekend, giving it a quick makeover. It’s a great little bathroom right off of the kitchen, so I see it often.

First Floor Half Bath (Next to Laundry Room)

This room really is totally fine and functional as-is, but you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone. I needed it to feel more like my style, so the first thing I wanted to address was the matching mirror/vanity combo. I got lucky at one of my favorite sources, the online auction site called Everything But the House (EBTH), and found this vintage 1940’s oval mirror. Forty dollars and it was all mine. Here’s the half bathroom now.

Quick Half Bath Makeover

I dug through some packing boxes and found some goodies to decorate with—the soap from the ostrich bathroom, my DIY quote art, the Charley Harper tea towel (which I stole out of its frame), vintage mother of pearl inlay brass knobs, an IKEA bath mat and some old canisters from Target. Done and done (for now)!

Quick Half Bath Makeover

Part of the reason why I picked that mirror and those canisters is because they carry the orange-y tone I am trying to infuse throughout the house via multiple materials—wood, textures, leather and fabric. It’s a big part of dream design aesthetic for this house so this feels like a really good first baby step.

Quick Half Bath Makeover

Anyways, can we talk a little bit about EBTH? I have been shopping EBTH for YEARS. YEARS. It has been my secret design source for a long time and I have seen this company grow from a little Cincinnati business to being super big and super popular. So happy for them! Remember my lime green tufted sofa? EBTH is where I got that beauty. Really anything unique and old from the house came from there. They now are in multiple locations across the US, which means for my US readers it’s likely there’s one nearby.

I’m not sure if they’d want me to describe it like this but EBTH is really like a micro-eBay and specifically for estate sales. You follow items you are interested in, bid on them and then arrange shipping or go pick them up. If you’ve done eBay, you can do EBTH no problem.

Here’s some of the things I’m following currently on their site. I typically hold myself to the Rug and Textiles, Furniture, Lighting and Furnishings categories. I especially like to look for unique pieces to stye with.

Contemporary Glass Top Console Table

Contemporary Glass Top Console Table

Mid-Century Modern Candlesticks

MCM Candlesticks


Gilt Frames and Gilt Wall Decor

Gilt Wall Decor

 Pair of Hammered Brass Table Lamps (but change the shades of course!)


Hammered Brass Table Lamps

Ghandi Oriental Rug

Ghandi Oriental Rug

Aged Silver Bottles

Aged Silver Bottles

Cast Iron Skillet DecorVintage Cast Iron Skillet Decor

Let’s get down to business. I have a $100 gift card to EBTH to give away to readers today!

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This post is sponsored by Everything But the House.

Freshly Painted

The guest bedroom walls are now sporting their very own shade of almost white/nearly gray. Porter’s “Silver Sword” to be exact.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Let’s step back. Back when I shared the plans for this room, the walls were carrying a sage-y green gray tone.

Wallace House

The color (Chatroom by Sherwin Williams) was not my fave but I was trying to talk myself into keeping the color. I haven’t been exactly jazzed about painting these days (not because of babies, but because I needed a break after the 2014 renovation marathon that was the old house). Anyways, y’all stepped in and said PAINT THOSE DAMN WALLS and that was the motivation I needed. I think I started that night. YOU WERE SO RIGHT.

So here we are. Everything is so much lighter and brighter. It feels good to put down the white paint cans and pick up something with even just a tiny bit of color. I could get used to this!

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

I have to admit, as much as I was dreading the project, I really do love the whole process of painting. I zone out, turn on some podcasts and paint away. I’m worried about fumes this time around so I had the Porter color mixed up in the Sherwin Williams ProMar200 line, which touts Zero VOCs.

I wish I could take a little bit of credit for the color chosen, but I found a full can in the basement. I’m all about free these days (and avoiding the color chip aisle) so luckily it all worked out. This is the same color as our living room.

I ordered the same Tuscan bamboo roller shades from Overstock (that’s an affiliate link… I earn a small commission) I used in the old house. I love that the tone is different from the floors. It keeps it from looking too matchy matchy. Plus I think this specific tone lends itself well to that whole eclectic boho vibe.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

That mirror is hung too high but I’ll fix it when we move on to the next round: hanging curtains and painting the campaign dresser.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Our campaign dresser (which I still need to paint) will go in the spot that the tiny 3-drawer guy is currently. I found that little dresser in my landlord’s trash in college and I swear I will never get rid of it. It’s one of the only pieces of furniture that survived the basement hoard purge, multiple times over. It’s really not that grand… I dunno… I’m just attached to it for a reason I can’t understand.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Progress feels good! And happy Friday!


Let’s Talk Babies


Aaron and I announced on the interwebz over the weekend that we’re expecting twin boys! Crazy, right? I’m already six months along and in these past few months I’ve realized that people have lots of questions. LOTS! So for today, how about a little Q&A? (And for those of you totally not interested in my babies… that’s OK…we’ll be back to regular programming soon.)

When are you due?!

Early May. I’m 6 months today… it has all gone by so quick (minus the first trimester…. the first trimester dragggggged along).

How are you feeling?

I am doing really, really well. Uneventful really, which I am beyond thankful for every day. No nausea, no weird ailments. My biggest complaints are nerve pain at the top of my ribs (feels like I have a bad sunburn) and being uncomfortable trying to sleep on my side. I’m still painting walls and DIYing and all of the stuff I used to do… I’m just a little more slow and I take more breaks. Ask me again in a few more weeks and I’m sure my answer will be totally different.

When did you find out they were twins?

We found out at our first ultrasound appointment… around 10 weeks I think? We literally walked off the red-eye from our Seattle trip and to the doctor’s office. And yes, of course we were surprised! We sat there with terrified looks of disbelief on our faces. There was no celebrating… I don’t think Aaron and I even hugged. We just grabbed each other’s hands and looked at the doc, like WUT????

What fruit are they?


Do twins run in your family?

On my mom’s side, but it never happened enough to be really significant, at least to us. It never even crossed our minds that twins could be possible. It’s 100% crazy to think about.

Do you know if they are fraternal or identical?

They are fraternal! Separate sacks, separate placentas, separate everythings. We could see that on the ultrasounds pretty early. It’s like having two siblings (that just share 50% of each other’s DNA) at the same time… if we are anything I’d say we are efficient.

Were you trying?

Yes! For about 5 months. It’s funny… I look back and remember us approaching it all with hesitation. It’s scary! We were so comfortable in our childless newlywed life in our little house but we knew we could be ready for the next step. I’m still waiting for “could be ready” to change into actually ready.

Was the new house because of the babies?

A new house was always in the back of our minds, well before the babies. I was bored and out of projects with the old house. It sort of felt like we were done with that space, even as much as I miss it now. The babies certainly accelerated the timing… obviously! Two babies in that house, along with us and two dogs would have been really hard. I was convinced it would work too… and it probably could have… but it’s so nice now to have a place we can really settle into and grow up in. Plus, PROJECTS!

So, when are you going to show us the nursery?

I have already been working on it for a few weeks, so very soon. I can’t wait to show you guys the progress. It’s such a different aesthetic than what I am used to. Lots of wood tones, textures, greys, army greens, oranges and blues. It has been so fun.

Why did you wait so long to announce on the blog?

I get this one a lot! And the total, honest truth is I have been mourning the fate of this blog a little bit. I didn’t want things to change just yet… I was holding on to my comfort zone of normalcy for as long as I could! It’s important to me to keep this blog going and focused on decor, but I know it’s going to be hard with two babies in the house. I can barely keep up with blogging projects now but it’s so rewarding and I get so much life and energy from doing it. I really want to try and keep it going, babies and all. And no, this will not become a mommy blog! Famous last words I am sure…

Do you have names picked out?

NO! Names are impossible!


So, that’s the story. Two babies—two boys!—ready to rock our lives in just a few months. Welcome aboard the crazy train. And THANK YOU to those of you who already congratulated us via Facebook and Instagram. It made for a very fun day and made it all very easy to talk about here.