Update On Our First House

The last update I shared on our previous house was that we were moving! And it was for sale! So one of those happened (we moved of course!) but we made the decision in late December to pull the house off the market. I was contacted by a friend of Aaron’s sister who wanted to rent the house. She reads the blog, lived nearby and needed a backyard for a future pup. We weren’t even considering renting at the time, but she was/is absolutely the type of person I trust handing over the keys to. So we said YES! She moved in officially February 1.

Update on House #1

Despite finding such a great person to take over, making the decision to rent was really hard for us. Was it the right/smart thing to do? The house hosted a good number of showings (about 10 in a 2-month period) despite the holiday season. But when an offer didn’t show up (the reason being: “it’s small!”), we got spooked. We had planned and were prepared to handle two mortgages comfortably until August (theoretically when the twins start daycare), but what if the house needed more time to sell?

The “what if’s” seemed so much more scary than reality. What’s that saying? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? That’s exactly how we felt. We had someone willing to rent and ready to move in… someone that we know would be awesome. And on the other hand we had the unknown. We went with the more comfortable choice.

So far everything has been going well. I still haven’t shed a tear over that house, but I have been close many times. We still pass the street on our way to the grocery store—it’s just a few blocks over! January 17 was our last day moving day (we moved slowwllly) and Aaron snapped a few pics of our empty home.

Update on House #1

Update on House #1

We kept several things at the old house. The bookcases, the kitchen table, the window curtains and shades… even the Edison chandelier! We didn’t have a place for them at the new house, we were tired of moving and I know they would be put to good use. Plus, one day when we’ve got to put this place back up on the market (or renting it out again… who knows at the moment), staging it will be a little easier.

Update on House #1

Update on House #1

Yes I left the cabinet plants and planters! And gave our renter the license to kill if desired. Ha! Also, the bathroom ostriches are missed. I still have an entire roll of wallpaper leftover. They will find their way somewhere in the hew house I am sure.

Update on House #1

So that’s the last update (sniff) I’ll be giving on the old house for awhile! It’s sad to see it so empty but I’m so glad it’s in good hands.



Twin Boy Nursery Plans

We’ve been working on the nursery on and off since Christmas now. We’re nowhere near done, so before I get too far (or finished!) I wanted to share my plans for the room. Let’s just get right to it shall we? Here is the design we’re working against for the boys’ room. It took awhile to get here (I share the evolution below) but we’re here and we’re happy!

Twin Boys Nursery - Winner!

Before I get in to the details of the space… let me start from the beginning…

The room we chose for the nursery is our second largest bedroom. It has great closet storage, two bright windows and a fireplace. Sheer size of the space made this room the winner. This gives us enough room for two cribs, a spot for a glider and lots of floor space left over. Aaron and I are the next room over.

Wallace House

For whatever reason, getting this room right feels so important. I think it’s a control thing. Putting this room together is the only part of the whole pregnancy process that I really have some control over. My body? Nope. These babies? Nope. So control it I do! It feels good. :)

The design plan overall has certainly been an evolution. Before Christmas, I was 100% on board the neutral/rustic train and below is the design plan I was working against.

Twin Boys Nursery Plan - First Try

While the neutrals were great, what I wasn’t getting right was that this was supposed to be a room for little babies… who will one day be toddlers… and this room, well… it felt a little too adult. Aaron agreed too. All of the fun and brightness was missing.

And while the design plan wasn’t working, there are some elements that I still love to this day. We now have two of those cribs that are pictured above—the BabyMod Marley crib in all Walnut—as well as the “Smile” print, which used to be in our bedroom at the old house. I’ve also been crushing hard on the Miffy lamp, which you’ll see in all of these evolutions. If we need a nightlight, why not have it be a 20″ tall bunny?

In late December, I found a great rug at Bargains & Buyouts and decided to just jump in and start making my decisions off the colors in the rug. The colors are much more vibrant in person than the photo below, but I liked that the colors bridged that gap between adult (grey, army green) and kid (blue, light blue, orange). And for $99? Sold.

The rug itself is called the Fiesta Multicolored Rug and it’s still available via Overstock.

With this rug at the center of our minds, here is how the design plan evolved. This was probably around January. Better! More color… more character… fewer random items.

Twin Boys Nursery - Progress

Now, keep in mind that this design plan features the $1200 Emmerson dresser from West Elm. I friggin love it, but I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a dresser. On diapers and day care? Yes. On a dresser? No. I’ve been searching for something similar for weeks now and kind of gave up. Plus, the dresser was the last remaining artifact from the month’s previous neutral obsession and I was ready for a little more color.

So just in the last few weeks, here’s where we’ve ended up. And this is where we’ll be!

Twin Boys Nursery - Winner!

The blue campaign dresser is our most recent addition to the space. It certainly adds color (Georgian Bay by Sherwin Williams) and fun. Did you see it on my Instagram yesterday?

A photo posted by Emily May (@gohausgo) on

And for just $50, it seems like a more appropriate choice for many years of two wild boys. This is the dresser that I thought I was going to put in the guest room, but after painting it, it felt so much better in the nursery. Phew! It’s much taller than what’s pictured in the board with 6 drawers total. The changing station is elsewhere… I’ll share more on that later.

My next big project for this space is getting the walls white. We picked an off white called Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Now that I’m in my third trimester, the idea of painting a space this big makes me want to barf, but it’s only a matter of time before I get my next burst of energy. Plus, I’m getting lots of help these days.

So that’s where we are! As soon as I get these walls painted, I will share some pics!







Quick Half Bath Makeover + $100 Giveaway to My Favorite Source

Note: This giveaway is now closed!! If you won, you’ve been contacted! Thanks!

At the bottom of those post I’m giving away a $100 gift card to one of my favorite decor sources! 

Ugh… MONDAY! As I write this I’m savoring the last moments of Sunday and just wanting time to slowwww down! Our weekends have been full of house projects and this one was no exception. I spent a little bit of time on our half bathroom this weekend, giving it a quick makeover. It’s a great little bathroom right off of the kitchen, so I see it often.

First Floor Half Bath (Next to Laundry Room)

This room really is totally fine and functional as-is, but you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone. I needed it to feel more like my style, so the first thing I wanted to address was the matching mirror/vanity combo. I got lucky at one of my favorite sources, the online auction site called Everything But the House (EBTH), and found this vintage 1940’s oval mirror. Forty dollars and it was all mine. Here’s the half bathroom now.

Quick Half Bath Makeover

I dug through some packing boxes and found some goodies to decorate with—the soap from the ostrich bathroom, my DIY quote art, the Charley Harper tea towel (which I stole out of its frame), vintage mother of pearl inlay brass knobs, an IKEA bath mat and some old canisters from Target. Done and done (for now)!

Quick Half Bath Makeover

Part of the reason why I picked that mirror and those canisters is because they carry the orange-y tone I am trying to infuse throughout the house via multiple materials—wood, textures, leather and fabric. It’s a big part of dream design aesthetic for this house so this feels like a really good first baby step.

Quick Half Bath Makeover

Anyways, can we talk a little bit about EBTH? I have been shopping EBTH for YEARS. YEARS. It has been my secret design source for a long time and I have seen this company grow from a little Cincinnati business to being super big and super popular. So happy for them! Remember my lime green tufted sofa? EBTH is where I got that beauty. Really anything unique and old from the house came from there. They now are in multiple locations across the US, which means for my US readers it’s likely there’s one nearby.

I’m not sure if they’d want me to describe it like this but EBTH is really like a micro-eBay and specifically for estate sales. You follow items you are interested in, bid on them and then arrange shipping or go pick them up. If you’ve done eBay, you can do EBTH no problem.

Here’s some of the things I’m following currently on their site. I typically hold myself to the Rug and Textiles, Furniture, Lighting and Furnishings categories. I especially like to look for unique pieces to stye with.

Contemporary Glass Top Console Table

Contemporary Glass Top Console Table

Mid-Century Modern Candlesticks

MCM Candlesticks


Gilt Frames and Gilt Wall Decor

Gilt Wall Decor

 Pair of Hammered Brass Table Lamps (but change the shades of course!)


Hammered Brass Table Lamps

Ghandi Oriental Rug

Ghandi Oriental Rug

Aged Silver Bottles

Aged Silver Bottles

Cast Iron Skillet DecorVintage Cast Iron Skillet Decor

Let’s get down to business. I have a $100 gift card to EBTH to give away to readers today!

THE GIVEAWAY: $100 gift card to EBTH.com

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This post is sponsored by Everything But the House.