Gift Guide: The Bed Rest Mom

When I was in the hospital on bed rest, I received some of the best gifts and little care packages from people. These little treats, and the people who brought them, were so helpful in keeping my morale high. Since then I’ve had a couple of people ask me for ideas for friends/family in similar situations, so I thought I would share some of my favorites here.


Gift Guide: The Bedrest Mom


1. // Bright & Fun Pillowcases

When you’re laying down in a bed for 20+ hours a day, you tend to focus on your bedding. A LOT. I had bright floral pillows, but I also love this beach scene set from Urban Outfitters. Nothing wrong with a little beach dreaming!

2. // Potted Plant

A little plant from home was one of the first things I asked Aaron to bring me. As crazy as this sounds, you just want to take care of/be responsible for SOMETHING while you’re in there. Plus, watering a plant just sort of feels normal and feeling “normal” is invaluable!

3. // Crafting Kit

Needlepoint, felting, coloring… anything that keeps the hands busy and the TV off was always a much appreciated gift, especially if the receiver is a crafty lady. I especially love this paper flower kit I spotted at Target… perfect thing to do while in bed with the music going.

4. // Cute Sweats

It goes without saying… sweat pants while on bed rest are a must have. You have to understand that sweat pants are a big deal on bed rest because the more common alternative is the dreaded hospital gown. Sweat pants kept me sane, they brightened my day and the nurses loved to comment on them. These Hello Apparel sweat pants are so fun and they’re 50% off at the moment, but go quick because I know the sizes have been going fast!

5. // Water Bottle

Liquids in and liquids out are a big focus on bed rest. Everything is measured. And I mean everything. I was drinking a gallon of water a day at least (still do!) and drinking from a cute water bottle like this Tervis 24 oz-er made it a little easier. Plus, so much more fun than the plastic pitcher and straw provided by the hospital.

6. // Magazines, Magazines and More Magazines

I loved the magazines people found for me and tried to immerse myself in them… any excuse to turn off the TV was a good one! Be sure to grab issues that match your friend’s interests. Steer clear of cooking magazines. It’s a special kind of torture to look at all that amazing food while trying to choke down a steamed grilled cheese. :)

7. // Books!

If you know your friend is a reader, grab a book. I especially loved Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It was hugely motivational for me. My train of thought at the time: If this chick can hike the Pacific Crest Trail by herself than I for sure can keep in some babies!

8. // Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books, like the popular Secret Garden, are all the rage right now and sadly, the only time you may find yourself with room in your schedule to actually use one is if you’re stuck in a bed. I took advantage of the time and colored it up. It was hugely relaxing. I would cut out the pages and hang them on my walls.

9. // Crazy Socks

OK, so I don’t know if I would call these flamingo socks crazy, but they’re certainly a welcome change from Nike. Socks are the footwear of choice while on bed rest, so I tried to make it count. Socks were one of my favorite things to receive!

10. // Hangable Wall Art

You may find yourself in a nice, updated room with lovely walls but I was not. I was surrounded by chipped, painted concrete walls and decades old butterfly decals. It was not great for keeping the mood up. I wish I would have known about this $14 pack of prints at the time… I would have covered my hospital room walls in these!

11. // Playing Cards

I loved challenging my visitors to a game of cards. It helps break the ice and get over that whole awkward “so you’re in the hospital” conversation vibe. I also loved learning new card games. I’ve never played so many cards in my life!


I would love to hear some of your gift solutions for friends/family in similar situations. Most of the time, YOU as a visitor is the greatest gift but I totally get that feeling of not wanting to arrive empty handed. I have one more gift guide planned along these same lines: the NICU mom!





Front of the House Florals

Aaron and I both love outdoor projects so when Spring finally rolled around here in northern Kentucky, we were excited to get our hands on our front yard… mainly our front flower bed. We kept it simple this year with new babies at home (who are two months old today BTW!) so we created two beds with simple edging, mulched and planted both annuals and perennials. Oh, and hung a fern. Big ferns fix everything!

Front of the House Florals


The last time I shared the front of the house it was Fall and looked a little like (no wait, exactly like) this:

Not much had been done in the front bed pre-purchase, but it was a perfect jumping off point. We had several bushes (still don’t know what they are—any ideas?) and two rhododendron plants to work with. The rest were mums leftover from Fall, which we removed.

We picked a curvy shape to mimic the shape of the sidewalk. By embracing the curve, it also allowed us to sweep out further into the lawn to hide some bare grass patches. I love this shape!

Front of the House Florals


In our last house, we dug out a trench to act as the “border” for the bed, and while it was certainly the cheapest border method (free!), it took a lot of upkeep. I always thought the beds were losing shape, weeds were growing in the trenches and it just generally looked messy. So for this house, we bought simple plastic black edging to make the border more refined. We like this kind because it requires no digging. You just make your shape and use stakes to hold it in place.

As far as plants go, I kept it super simple at least for this year to keep costs down. We used several XL geraniums (perennials) and three annuals—two hydrangea bushes and one peony bush. I can’t wait to see what they look like next year.

From the street, it actually looks like we kind of have our act together!

Front of the House Florals


And a little closer…


Front of the House Florals


We’ll continue to build it up over the years, but I think it is a pretty good start. And at one point in the future, I would love to replace the sidewalk with something more this style:

A girl can dream, right!?

So that’s where we are with the front. Porch furniture, more plants and some flanking pots for the front door are on our list too. So many fun things to look forward to!

Now excuse me while I go hang out with my birthday babies.




Dining Room Dreamin’

Keep reading for a $3 off coupon for Bona’s new Free and Simple Hardwood floor cleaner. Thanks for sponsoring this post, Bona! I can’t help but daydream about finishing our dining room. Everything in here is placeholder for now, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of how I want it to look. But until then, here is what it looks like currently. Dining Room Dreamin' It’s not great, but it’s a definite improvement over where we were over the holidays. Oy vey. I can’t believe I put that on the Internet. And I just did it again. No shame in my game lol. Anyways, this space is quite large and has great light streaming in from the 3 large windows. Dining Room Dreamin' Aaron and I went back and forth on what shape of table to put in this space, with the angled out wall and everything. At first we defaulted to the standard rectangle, but after seeing this circular table in here for the past few weeks, it’s clear to me that we need the in between! I think an oval pedestal table would be perfect for the space. I would of course love a 76″ oval Knoll table in here but at $5k that is a solid NO. Here are the dining room spaces that have caught my eye recently—all due to their super suave oval pedestal tables. So I’m officially on the hunt. Luckily it’s summer and it’s the season of outdoor flea markets and antique shows, so maybe I’ll find one of my own without breaking the bank. Anyone have any good sources? And since we’re on the topic of my dining room, can we talk the floors a little bit? I just wanted to give a little bit of sponsor love to Bona. My floors continue to look pretty darn good and it’s something I can quickly do when the boys are sleeping. Dining Room Dreamin' I just spotted their Free and Simple formula in stores and scooped it right up. I’m not shy about my love for Bona and this new product just sealed the deal. Aaron has terrible allergies and I’m a nervous first time mom, so having the peace of mind that this stuff is removing 93% of the allergens on our floors is just awesome. And I’m not just saying that! Dining Room Dreamin'   The bottle says that the new formula is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America… so fancy. And the best part? I think it cleans just as well as their original formula. I didn’t know a difference at all. Little Suge doesn’t seem to mind it either. Dining Room Dreamin'   To try out this formula and other Bona products, click here for a $3 off coupon. It will ask you to join their Bonafide Fanatics mailing list too. Now, off to search for that perfect oval table… xo, emily p/s: Thank you for all your patience with the sponsored posts lately. I hate that I did two back-to-back… it was due to some poor scheduling on my part and biting off way more than I could chew. This blog is taking a little bit of a break from the sponsored content to ensure it’s a little more spaced out! Trust me… it bothers me as much as it may bother you. Thanks again xoxo