John Cena and Trash Bags?

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This post is sponsored by Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags

Never in my life did I think I’d be writing a post about John Cena and trash bags together, but here we go! LOL! Both are a big part of my life, but together? Well that’s a whole different story.


I have always loved John Cena. Have you seen The Marine? Lord. Have. Mercy. He’s also incredibly kind and well spoken (I loved this Larry King Live interview) and just generally a gentle kitten behind that big, intimidating exterior. I liked him so much that a poster of him became one of the first things I bought for my first living-alone apartment. I got it at Hot Topic (or Walmart?) and I thought I was so cool in a really ironic, dorky kind of way (rolls eyes). I wish I could tell you that this was a really long time ago, but I was 22 or 23 at the time. (Ok, so 10 years is actually a really long time ago.)

Anyways, as some sort of proof of this John Cena faux-obsession, here’s Aaron and our friend Brad selling said poster several years later at my first yard sale. I have no idea how it ended up in the for sale pile, but it did not sell. I kept it, naturally.

Fast forward several years (last week) and John Cena showed up in my inbox. Except this time as a rep for Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags. Have you seen those commercials? They’re cute, right? And this is how this post came to be. John Cena practically begged me (no he didn’t) to write this post.

The only reason I agreed to write a post on trash bags is 1.) John Cena and 2.) I actually use Hefty bags and we go through a lot of them around here. Two kids in diapers will do that to ya.

Here’s why I care about these trash bags.


1.) THE SCENT – I used to be so anti-scent for trash bags, but we use our main trash here as a diaper disposal as well now, and we need all the help we can get. My favorite is the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla. It is like a treat, rather than olfactory assault, opening up our can. Our trash can is also in the most central location in our house, so stink control is an absolute must.


2.) THE STRENGTH – You’ve got to check out my trash bag removal process. Our cans live at the back of our house, and it’s a good 10-foot throw from our back porch to the can. I’m usually shoeless with a kid in tow, so opening the door and flinging it over the side of the porch is my method of removal (I’m showing my Kentucky, I know). These bags and its fancy Active Tear Resistant Technology hold up to my ridiculous methods, no matter how many times they’re dropped or flung over the side. I’ve never had an issue. AND THAT IS AWESOME. I love how strong they are. Now I get the John Cena connection. :)

John Cena Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags

3.) THE PRICE – I’m told they recently lowered their price and now are cheaper than Glad bags, which means for the value and the quantity received, it’s a darn good deal. Here’s a coupon for $1.00 off via Ibotta if you need to sweeten that deal even more.

So that’s the story of John Cena, Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags and me. Who knew, right?



This post is sponsored by Hefty but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Behind the Blog – The Front Porch Makeover

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I’ve always wanted to do a post like this. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do or how it will be perceived, but I want to show you the behind the scenes on how something like my recent porch makeover comes together. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and that specifically is what I’d love to focus on today. I talk about this in a recent podcast I did, but I never want to come off like life is perfect, my house is perfect, I have a bazillion dollars or anything like that. I’m real, I’m on a budget and I have a very messy life right now. It ain’t all rainbows and roses up in here!

So, with that said, let’s get down to behind the scenes on the porch makeover. I’m telling you the truth and the whole truth!



This truth, out of all the truths, feels like it might be the biggest surprise? But here’s the deal, to fully style out a space you need tons of stuff. For the porch, I needed pumpkins, planters, pillows, blankets and flowers.  And multiple options of each to make sure everything was working together. I spent over $500 on the props alone. How crazy is that? So yes, I return nearly everything I can (well besides the pumpkins and flowers). For this shot, I returned about $350 of the $500, with the remaining $150 being the lanterns, flowers and pumpkins. I have returned flowers before though—I am not above it!

The pillows and blanket you see in this shot are back in their spots at Home Goods, for example.



When you shoot home decor, you do not set up the whole space and then start snapping pictures. You set up “moments”, shoot them and then desconstruct everything from that shot to use in the next shot. If you looked closely at some of the photos, you’ll see things move around based on what I’m shooting.

For example, see the mum in this shot?


It’s actually this one from this shot (and in its correct place).



The pillows, the blanket, the wood tray… none of it is meant to actually be outdoors. It’s all for styling purposes and gets brought inside as soon as the camera is off. There is nothing on top of my bench now, and there will never be. Pillows are usually the biggest culprit here. It’s just that readily available outdoor pillows tend to be… ugly? And a super slim selection, especially in September when outdoor season is nearly over.



The mums that appear in the top of my big, tall planters? Yea, they can’t actually live there or they’ll never bloom from the lack of sun. Mums especially need the sun to get all of their buds to pop. Both of those huge planter mums are actually living in my front yard right now and the planters themselves are empty. Once they’ve popped their flowers I’ll put them back. But yea, for now, it’s not pretty at all. My front yard looks like a mum nursery!

2016 Fall Porch Makeover


I had been stressing that post since Late August. I’ve been shopping for Fall decor and trying out different Fall layouts since early September. Do you know how hard it is to find pumpkins in early September? I was a nutcase about it. So here we are, in the REAL Fall season and I’m so Fall’d out I could scream. I’m getting better, and you better believe I’ll be pumpkin patchin’ with the best of them, but man… is it Christmas yet? You’ll need to forget I just said that because I have more Fall posts coming up. :)


Is any of this surprising to you? Do you care? Will it change how you look at makeovers in the future? Not sure. But I feel better talking about it. This is the world I live in being this type of blogger. I love it. I love shopping and setting up this fantasy scenes that could never exist in real life. I love filling two carts high at Home Goods (by the way, Home Goods is totally cool with it. They deal with stylists all the time). I dig it. It brings this blog good content and it makes my brand people really happy. So I’m going to keep doing it, and just next time, you’ll see through all the smoke… that is if you want to!



2016 Fall Porch Makeover

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So every year for Fall, I have all of these grand dreams of decorating my front porch and I rarely succeed. I usually get as far as a pumpkin or two, which then I quickly neglect, let rot and then finally scrape off the porch floor sometime in February.


I went all out. I may have over did it. With the addition of the striped porch floor in June, I felt this was a perfect opportunity to flex my Fall muscles. And so I did. Mostly because of all the pumpkin lifting.

2016 Fall Porch Makeover

Here’s how the porch looked before this all went down:

DIY Striped Front Porch

YEESH. (Also, the swinging baby chairs are still there. We don’t need a toddler riot around here.)

Before I get into the nitty gritty of all this, I just wanted to give a little shout out to AllModern, who helped supply many of the goodies for this makeover. I’ll point them out as I go, but as one of my special blogger privileges, a shout out something to the tune of, “Hey AllModern! I really like your stuff and I order from you all of the time! Can you help me with this makeover?” often results in some super-fun mail days. So THANK YOU AllModern.

Alright, so let’s get down to it.

The porch is divided into four areas: the front door/entry, the main seating area,  the “garden level” seating area and the porch steps. I treated these areas as four separate things, choosing items particularly for those areas.

Area One – The Front Door/Entry


The entry is always a game of height—and varying, tiered heights at that. I have very tall, 33″ planters (they were made using this tutorial), so I needed additional, somewhat-tall items to create my tiers. I almost went the planter route for the second tallest tier, but a 20″ planter these days is nearly $70 (UM NO) so a $5 mum was the answer. That combined with a few shorter pumpkins and gourds gave me the three heights I wanted for this area. Do I wish the mums are a little taller? Sure, but it was a tradeoff I was willing to make with price. (ETA: Just remember mums need lots of sun to bloom, so if your porch is shady, this plan won’t work! My porch is shady nearly all day, so I move the mums to sunny spots during the day until they bloom, then once they’ve have lots of nice flowers, I replace them in their spots on the porch.)

I also added this striped outdoor ottoman to the left of the front door. It’s a perfect little spot to set a bamboo tray with a pitcher and a drink. And with limited seating out here, the boys loving using it as a place to lounge.

2016 Fall Porch Makeover


Area Two – The Main Sitting Area

Just to the right of the entryway is a little seating area.



I had to get creative with seating, because while a couch would be the more obvious choice, we are desperate for outdoor storage. I ordered this GIANT outdoor storage box/seat from AllModern. It’s reinforced to act as a seat, and it’s big enough to sit drinks and snacks in between two adults. Right now it’s holding our gardening supplies, a water table, a bubble machine, some shovels and more.




Area Three – The “Garden Level” Seating Area

These vintage, metal patio chairs have been with me forever, and they live what I’m very fancily calling the “garden level” seating area. All that really means is that they are on our sidewalk leading up to our house.


I loved the geometric, almost art deco-like pattern on this garden stool—another AllModern find!—which makes a good drink or plant holder in between. In the cooler months I can bring it inside and use it more like a side table, too.


Area Four – Porch Steps/Any Entry Points

I feel like steps are such a big part of porch decorating, so I wanted to really trick those out too. This part is really easy. Lots of mums, pumpkins and lanterns, all in varying heights. (Varying heights is basically my one-trick pony—no shame here.)

Here are the front porch steps. First on the left.
2016 Fall Porch Makeover


And then on the right. I love this side the most mainly due to these white ceramic containers. They aren’t any holes for drainage, but as long as you don’t overwater, it should be just fine.


On the other side of the porch, which is where we typically enter, I placed some solar lanterns I found on Target clearance. I think I got both for about $15? They charge during the day, then automatically turn on at dusk. Love ’em.

2016 Fall Porch Makeover


So that’s it! That’s my 2016 Fall porch. Again, a huge thanks to AllModern. (If you’re new to AllModern, they’re with a family of other great companies like Wayfair, DwellStudio, Birch Lane and Joss & Main.) If you’ve done a design project with me, you’re very familiar LOL! They tend to be my go-to resource.

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