Putting Brass on Blast

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Catchy headline, huh? My house currently has a bad case of builder brass – meaning house builders throw some brass up on doors because it’s cheap and shiny. (Newsflash – we don’t like brass!!) And much to our dismay, it is expensive to replace these suckers. I have 7 (omg, SEVEN) sets of brassy door hardware to replace and at $24 a pop to replace a set, it gets expensive. And the last thing I want to do is spend my money on door knobs. Woof! That’s almost 5 gallons of paint! Or TWO Billy’s!

So, I had to get crafty (notice a theme here?). When I was at Home Depot buying spray paint for my air vents I noticed they had Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint! And since spray paint and I are becoming besties lately, I decided to buy two cans and get to work.

Here’s how I started – observe its brassy glory!

Emily Snuffer

And here’s my choice as far as Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint goes. It goes for about $6.50/can at Home Depot:

Emily Snuffer

And a progress shot. To get these suckers to stand up I just punched holes in the cardboard:

Emily Snuffer

Before I show you the official after photo, I must say I was pretty skeptical this would work. I just thought it would look cheap and spray painted. However, it turned out beautifully:

Emily Snuffer

And finally, on the door itself. (Confession – it’s not installed. I’m creeping in the background holding the knob in place while Aaron shot the photo. I’m waiting on the door plate/stop thinga-ma-bobber to dry)

Emily Snuffer

Since this worked out so well, I will be doing the remaining 6 (OMG, SIX) sets of door hardware so if I show up at dinner/work/parties covered in metallic spray paint, you’ll know why. I think it’s worth the cost savings! And the money I saved (to the tune of $155) I can spend on a non-metallic manicure or… more spray paint!

– emily

Another Bathroom Idea

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At this point I am desperate for bathroom ideas. I’ve had mental blocks from all sides – paint, accessories, fabric. And I’ve made the worst decision to buy things as I see them anyways. I’ve decided that the vanity is going to stay as-is, as well as the lighting. I have some major hardware clashing going on, so if I’ve made any decision, it’s that everything hardware-related is going to be oil rubbed bronze, which is what my lighting is anyways. Given what I already have, here is an idea:

Emily Snuffer

1.) DIY Deer Head – Already own (more details on that later – I saved mucho dollars!) – eBay

2.) Terrarium – Terrain

3.) Grapefruit Lotion – Willow

4.) Ceramic Tray – already own – Home Goods

5.) Rise and Shine Print – Keep Calm Gallery

6.) Marimekko Lumimarja Tablecloth – Already own (more details on this later – I’m turning it into a shower curtain) – Crate & Barrel

7.) Pumice Paint Color from Restoration Hardware

8.) Shell Ball – Home Goods

What do you think? I am liking this one, but anxious to see how it works next to my existing countertop, which has orange and grey flecks in the granite. I think at some point I just have to GET IT DONE.

– emily

This is THE List

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I am a huge list-er. I depend on them to survive. Without them, I am a little manic and scatter-brained. There is something so gratifying about crossing off an item. I’ve been known to write down an already-completed task for the satisfaction of crossing it off.  I know some of you do this too! OK, so THE list. I wanted to share with you THE list – the list of all lists – my house list. Here are all the things I have rambling around in my head (and on lists) as to-do’s for my house. Even though I know this list well and there really are no surprises, it still is exhausting and overwhelming to type it all out.

Emily SnufferIt is quite a lot to accomplish and I certainly don’t plan to have this all done next month or even in a year. There are certain things I focus on and certain events (like parties) that push me into home-improvement-madness mode. I think it is safe to say I am in madness mode. Madness mode involves lots of long nights, an exorbitant amount of Home Depot visits, a lot of googling and LOTS of bargain hunting. It is exhausting, but satisfying. Both Aaron and I’s birthdays are coming up and I would love to have people over to celebrate. Things at the house don’t have to be perfect (I don’t think I’ll ever have a finished house) but I can’t have shipping boxes hanging out or a bathroom that’s been de-Blik’d. There are certain things I need to take care of. On the flip side, all these uncompleted items above means I have a LOT to write about and to document here on this little blog. Thanks for following along! It is sure to be an adventure!

– emily

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