8 Reclining Sofas That Look Great Too

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I can’t believe I’m writing a post about reclining sofas! Haha! So here’s the deal—I’ve had a lot of people ask me for help recently on finding a reclining sofa. At first, I was quick to dismiss or redirect these requests (“Uhm, how about an ottoman instead?” or “Have you considered amputation?”) to avoid the reclining sofa at all costs. They just get a bad rap, ya know? When I think of reclining sofas, I think of bloated overstuffed sofas with cup holders. Eep!

But then I thought (and researched) more on the topic. One thing about helping people with their furniture is that I’ve come to really respect a wide range of styles and preferences. I have to respect that not all people are willing to sacrifice ultimate comfort (me!) in favor of better aesthetics. I’m probably in the minority, actually. People want a good, comfy couch to sit on. And even better, they want to be able to put their feet up with a flip of a button. I get it!

So with that, I set out on a search. Does such a thing as a good sofa that happens to recline exist? It does. And it can, especially with a little styling and really good room design.

Here are a few that I found with good lines and even better potential.

8 Reclining Sofas That Look Great Too

  1. “Audrina” Contemporary High Leg Power Recliner – Trisha Yearwood Collection by Klaussner
  2. Henry Power Recliner in Twill – West Elm
  3. Transitional Power Hybrid Sofa in Twill – Klaussner via Wayfair
  4. “Atlanta” Recliner – Trisha Yearwood Collection by Klaussner
  5. Henry Power Recliner in Leather – West Elm
  6. Celena Contemporary Power Reclining Sofa – Best Home Furnishings
  7. Hattie Traditional Power Reclining Sofa – Best Home Furnishings
  8. “Holland” Reclining Sofa – Klaussner

So what do you think? Are you for or against reclining sofas?  And if against, did I change your mind? 😉




Our New Living Room Layout

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When I was growing up, I LOVED to rearrange my bedroom. I’d make sketches, I’d brainstorm new, creative bed locations, I’d measure walkways to make sure I had enough… I found the puzzle thrilling. I remember at one point I decided to add an “en-suite sink,” which I was convinced was so fancy. In reality, it was a Cool Whip tub filled with water, sloshing around my bottom nightstand drawer.

I find rearranging, now as a grown up, equally as thrilling. Especially when the only cost involved is possibly the back damage you cause your husband and dad from moving the couch all over the room. My living room was my latest victim last Saturday afternoon, mostly due to the new rug that arrived on the doorstep just minutes before.

Deconstructing the Living Room Sectional

When we moved into this house, we needed an affordable sofa and we needed one quick. I found a local one on eBay for around $500, bought it without hesitation (and without measuring) and sighed with relief, knowing we’d have a place to sit with our new babies who arrived just a few weeks later. It’s been a great sofa for a number of functional reasons, but the reality is, it’s totally the wrong type of sofa. It commits a lot of sins that generic sofas are infamous for, but the biggest crime might be its size. It’s absolutely ginormous. Too ginormous.

Moving Update Pt 1

Because of its size, the only fit that would work is this one—the longest side facing the fireplace/TV, with the two chaises jutting out into the space. While perfect for TV watching, it completely blocked access to the living room from the entryway, including the lovely view through our all-glass front doors. I also didn’t love seeing a long span of sofa back every time I walked inside.

Storage in the Entryway

Not great!

This rearrangement was an easy one to figure out. The sofa and one of the chaises were moved and centered to the front window, while the remaining chaise—now separated from its siblings—was placed in the opposite corner. Check out the new view from the entry way!

Deconstructing the Living Room Sectional

Deconstructing the Living Room Sectional

Deconstructing the Living Room Sectional

It’s not perfect and we now have a few missing sofa arms, but my goodness, what an improvement to the flow of this room!

I added an end table and lamp to one of the missing arm sides. The lamp is just temporary (too tall and too skinny), but it gives me an idea of what might help this corner look a little more intentional (instead of “hey, shouldn’t a piece of sofa go here?”)

Deconstructing the Living Room Sectional

It certainly does help me plan for the future and the type of furniture we need in here. It’ll be awhile before a new sofa is a reality, but this rearrangement has satisfied our appetite for new furniture for at least a few more years months. 🙂 I’ve started to save—I can’t wait to get something that looks a little more like us—but in the meantime, we’re loving this new change.

Also, the rug!—it’s called the Olga and you can find it at Wayfair. It’s #1 from last week’s post on six affordable 9′ x 12′ rugs. We added this felt rug pad and together the rug and pad create the best kind of living rug in my opinion: “sink your toes in” cushy with a little bit of pattern. Even the kids are spending more time on the floor.

Any other chronic furniture rearrangers out there? Maybe we should form a club. 🙂

That’s all for now! Happy Monday!







Six Neutral 9′ x 12′ Rugs for Under $300!

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As you may have noticed from my recent house goals list, I have been on a perpetual search for an affordable 9′ x 12′ area rug for our living room. And by affordable, I mean less than $300. I’ve struck gold recently with my search (one of these is in my living room now!), so I wanted to share my finds. I love when I can find people some good deals!

Six 9' x 12' Rugs Under $300

1.) Olga Grey Area Rug – $249 with free shipping – Wayfair

2.) Banded Bird Eye Diamond Rug – $301 with free shipping – RugsUSA

3.) Flatweave Gingham Tartan Rug – $159 (!!) with free shipping – RugsUSA

4.) Ford Gray Area Rug – $253 with free shipping – Wayfair

5.) Double Diamond Trellis Rug – $288 with free shipping – RugsUSA

6.) Mercury Black Area Rug – $315 with free shipping – Wayfair

Some important things to note: 

The awesome RugsUSA prices are due to a Presidents Day Sale. Be sure to use code PDS25 to get 25% off by 2/23.

I sort of cheated on the price of #6, but Wayfair sends out 15% off coupons fairly frequently. My suggestion would be to add it to your cart and see if a mailer or email shows up a few days later.

#1, #2, #4 and #6 are machine-loomed, polypropylene rugs. I’m a big fan (durable, stain-resistant, soft to the touch, affordable) but I always recommend a rug pad if you want the cozy, cushy, “sink your feet in” feel a hand-knotted, wool rug might provide. Here is my favorite rug pad.

#3 is a flatweave, dhurrie-type rug. Think more heavy blanket. It’ll wrinkle and buckle when you walk on it. However, that price is insane and would be awesome on top of carpet in a bedroom.

I welcomed #1 into my home last week and I’ll share pictures soon. It’s heaven. And super cute. It’s a popular rug—I see it on blogs and IG all the time—but that is for a reason. Simple, neutral with just enough pattern to add some style. Me likey.

Happy shopping!



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