Staining Our Deck Like A Boss (With A Sprayer!)

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Our back deck is finally stained! Hallelujah! You’ve heard me yammer on about staining this deck now for weeks and the weather finally cooperated long enough for me to get it done. It feels great to check this off my list.

Spray Staining Our Deck

Spray Staining Our Deck

When we designed the deck, we opted for a shadowbox-type approach for the walls. It gave it the modern horizontal look we wanted, saved us some money on materials and keeps the space nice and breezy (vs. doing a solid vertical wall). I talk more about our approach in this post, including where we started and where we ended up. We used the very talented Bill Harris from Custom Carpentry in NKY to bring our vision to life. Here’s what it looked like when Bill wrapped up his part (it was about 90% done at this point).

Backyard Fence/Deck Progress

That was in November of last year. And it sat and sat. There’s actually some merit to letting treated lumber “sit” for awhile, but I doubt they meant for nearly a year. Whoops. I had been putting it off because I knew it was going to take forever. While the design of the walls is awesome visually and functionally, getting the nooks and crannies of those bad boys stained is right up there on the torture scale with painting kitchen cabinets. It was one of those “take a vacation day” type of jobs, if you know what I mean.

But wait… I had forgotten about these lovely little devices called paint sprayers!! D’uh!! Guess what sprayers can also spray? Wood stain! (Stain is actually much easier/less fuss in a sprayer versus paint because you don’t have to water it down like you do paint.)

Spray Staining Our Deck

Here is when being a blogger comes in handy. I emailed my contact at HomeRight and asked for a prayer to review, and she recommended the Finish Max sprayer. My very own showed up in the mail a few days later.

I have to admit—I was intimidated by this thing. It looks and feels very powerful. It IS powerful. But it was so easy to use. I was expecting to spend 2 torturous days staining our deck by hand and it took me like two hours. TWO HOURS. There is nothing I love more than something that saves me time.

A couple of things to note on spraying vs. staining:

  • You’ll use more stain (so be sure to have some extra on hand)
  • You’ll need to stay close to the wood (about 4-10 inches) to ensure you don’t waste too much (took me awhile to get this down!)
  • You’ll need to practice the spraying motion on a piece of cardboard to avoid getting those start and stop circles
  • You’ll need a long extension cord so you can move with freedom
  • You’ll need a good stain brush to smooth out any drips (I used this one)
  • You’ll need some mineral spirits and a bucket for cleanup
  • You’ll need to plan a date night to celebrate all the free time you’ll suddenly have (no seriously, we went out that night)

As far as the supplies we needed—we didn’t need much! The stain we used is called ProLuxe Cetol SRD RE in a Cedar Matte Finish… pretty much the Mercedes Benz of wood stains… it went on like buttah! I also really liked this AllPro Stainer Brush I borrowed from my dad. I can’t find the link for it, but this one is a similar size.

Spray Staining Our Deck

The color of the stain turned out so pretty. I was a little worried because sometimes cedars come out too orange, but this one was just right while still coordinating with the color of our cedar playhouse.

Spray Staining Our Deck

Spray Staining Our Deck

A year ago it looked like this (below), so I’d say we’ve made a vast improvement on this space!

Backyard Fence/Deck Progress

I’m not completely done here (I’d like to paint the floor) but I’m happy for now!




A New Bed From Spoon [VIDEO!]

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Pssstt… there’s a coupon code and a video at the bottom of this post!

As you know from my last post, we moved up the master bedroom to the top of our “things to get done around the house” list. And let me tell ya, it’s been very satisfying.

The latest news—we have a new bed!

Also fun news—we now have curtains!

I’ll talk more about the curtains later, mainly because I need to get some photos of them that doesn’t include a blur of a small child running past. 😉

Anyways, we have a new mattress/bed and it is from a company called Spoon. Spoon Sleep just launched and one of the reasons I was interested in them is because of their unique position in the market.

Spoon Sleep Bed

Our bed is the main piece of furniture in our bedroom, which means we use our bed for a whole lot more life things than just sleep. It’s where I feed the baby, work at night, read to the kids, etc. I think it’s safe to assume that we do a whole lot of living on our bed as a family and very little sleeping (that’s Otto’s fault).

Spoon Sleep Bed

So it only makes sense that a mattress should be designed for more than just sleep. Like, ding ding ding!

(Also, I have not talked much about my “real job” on this blog, but as a person in the product innovation industry who has spent 7 years working hard to create new products and ideas that fit peoples’ lives better, this bed spoke to me. It just makes sense. Of course!)

Spoon Sleep Bed

Spoon calls it a “life hub.” I call it a godsend.

The way that it works is that it is filled with these industrial-strength foam pillars. These pillars move as you move, to support you and lift you where you need it, whether you’re sleeping or working or whatever.

Spoon Sleep Bed

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me after posting it in my Instagram Stories and the best way I know how to describe it is this: you know those games back in the ’90’s where you place your hand on the bed of pins and the pins conform to the shape of your hand.. and moves and conforms to your shape as you move? Yea, it’s kind of like that.

I can’t feel the individual pillars at all, but I do feel supported in every which way.

It’s lovely.

The Spoon mattress comes inside a box and will expand as you open it up. Ours took about 36 hours to fully expand. It’s hard to believe a giant king-size bed can fit in there, but ’tis true.

Spoon Sleep Bed

Aaron made this fun video of us getting everything all set up, with help from the whole family. The boys were so excited to see it spring to life, and honestly so were we. Aaron and I might be even more excited to put our terrible 12-year old marshmallow lump of a mattress out on the curb. Buh-bye!

Watch here:

More Than Just a Bed with Spoon from Go Haus Go on Vimeo.

We’ve spent about a week with our Spoon mattress and we’ll report back as we spend more time with it. So far, so good!

And for transparency sake, Spoon did send me this bed to review, but all thoughts and opinions are very much my own. The whole “hey, it’s kind of like that pin game!” was definitely my idea LOL!

To learn more about the Spoon mattress, here’s their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Use code READYTOSPOON for $100 off your first Spoon bed.





Prioritizing the Master Bedroom

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What is it about master bedrooms that make people want to decorate them last? We are so guilty of that ourselves with ours! But ignoring them, while the rest of the house gets beautified, seems so counter-intuitive. It seems like such a sacred space. And let’s be honest, it would be nice to have a little calm retreat after all the crazy that is our days. And by calm retreat I mean a nice place to collapse into bed after a 15-hour day.

Right now, our bedroom is anything but a calm retreat. Think more IKEA graveyard/storage facility. Not exactly the rejuvenating/inspiring space I’d like to wake up to every day. We are in here a lot—Otto is still in our room most of the time, I often work from the bed while pumping and Aaron watches movies on his laptop here.

So, we’re prioritizing it. It went from last on our 2017 house goals list, to at least second place. We’ve signed up to review an all-new mattress (more on that soon) and it was the push we needed to get this space looking a little more pretty.

The overall plan is very calm, very grown up and very rejuvenating (hopefully). It is tricky to do a “grown up” space for a couple who are decidedly not grown up (ha!), so I will be throwing in some quirky things too. Lots of neutral colors with hits of black. We’ve challenged ourselves to do this on a mega budget—it will be a mix of “use what we have” and scouring our favorite online auction site to get things for cheap. There is expensive stuff in this plan (like that $500 black bench), so our goal will be to find cheaper versions of some of the pricier picks.

There is one huge project in this space that has been holding me back from getting started, and that is painting the walls and floors. The walls absolutely need to be done (the current color is too dark, and too green), but the thought of picking up a paint brush again so soon after the kitchen/dining 5-day painting marathon two weeks ago has me in a sweat.

The other thing I would love to do in this space is paint the floors. If you follow me on IG (@gohausgo), you know I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about changing our floors throughout the house. I need to do a post on that soon, but essentially, the floors in the house have to go. Maybe not this year, but soon. They are driving us crazy. The plan now is to re-do the downstairs floors and paint the upstairs floors to save some cash (and lucky for our wallets, I absolutely love the look of painted floors and have been wanting to experiment with those somewhere), but again, another story for another day. The point here is that the project of painting walls and floors in the master bedroom has my head spinning. I’ve been trying to convince myself to skip it, that it will be fine, but I know it’s what this space needs to take it to the next level.

This space is very cottage-y, but I love the white walls and the gray floors. Yes.

Anyways, once that’s done, it’s just a matter of layering in some of the things I’ve laid out in the plan above. Easy peasy, right?

What I Already Own


Accent Chair

3-Legged Accent Table

108″ White Velvet Blackout Drapes

Black 1″ Curtain Hardware

Double-Headed Lamp (Target Olson Collection-sold out)

Artwork – The prints are by Aaron (Mayhem Supply), and I’d love to remove the generic art that came with these frames I used for the Holman staging. The frames are amazing quality (and of course, I love that light oak wood tone).

Antique Enamel Sign (from Chairish)

What I Need To Buy

Black Bench

Tall Dresser – This is the one from PBTeen that was on mega sale as a part of their Premier Event last week. I am kicking myself for not jumping on that deal, because now it’s $600 more. Dangit. No worries—it should be relatively easy to track down something similar for under $300.

Headboard and Frame – I’m not sold on this one per se, but I do love the shape of the headboard. Luckily, this style is a dime a dozen. I love that it matches the angles on the chair

Ceiling Fan

Black Pillow

Lumbar Pillow

Fringed Throw

What would a design plan post be without an official “before” picture? It’s essentially a blank slate… I can’t believe we’ve made it three years without window coverings! And on the south side of the house! A testament to how easily we can fall (and stay) asleep. Haha!

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

Get ready, set and go!





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