Switching Up How We Watch TV/Get Online with Cincinnati Bell Fioptics

Pssttt… thanks so much for your sweet notes regarding the arrival of our son Otto! I cannot wait to share his story with you all. He’s a special little guy and we are enjoying him so much. Before I go, I have a quick sponsored post to share with you all. 

This is another post for my Cincinnati readers! And sponsored by the lovely people at Cincinnati Bell.

One of my favorite parts about blogging is sharing tips and tricks to make life a little easier. I mean, that’s what this is all about right? I’m all about shortcuts and life hacks, whether it be DIY-ing something for less or making an intimidating project seem less so. And something really cool has happened along the way on this blogging journey—people seek me out to tell me their own tips and tricks. I feel like I’m in a secret club, where people pull me off to the side and whisper the location of a hot, new furniture warehouse in my ear. That’s how I found out about the Cincinnati online auctions, for example.

CincyGive and Cincinnati Bell

So where am I going with all of this? Let’s talk cable TV. I swear there is a connection—LOL! I have prided myself in being cable-free for 4 years now (I even wrote a post about it!). It’s saved us a ton of money and we were glad to be rid of the giant cable/internet provider here (ick). A lot of people think going cable-free requires some compromise, and while that is true (especially when its the celebrity award season, or if you’re into sports), we’ve generally done OK without it these last few years. I mean, I have to wait 6-8 months to get the latest KUWTK episodes, but I’ve managed to survive. Barely.

CincyGive and Cincinnati Bell

Anyways, just like I hear about secret rug dealers and clearance sales, I had started to hear rumblings and whispers of a new, better TV/internet provider in town—Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. Cincinnati Bell has been around forever (140 years!), but Fioptics was the shiny new tool in the box with it guaranteed to be the fastest internet in town. It hasn’t been available in our neighborhood until just recently. You know what made me say “yes” to Fioptics service and all of those channels in about 5 minutes flat? Knowing maternity leave was right around the corner. 🙂 Ah yes, I knew from last time that trash TV would be a perfect companion to those late nights and lonely days.

CincyGive and Cincinnati Bell

There was another reason why I wanted to support Cincinnati Bell—it holds a special place in my heart. Being a part of the advertising/marketing community here in Cincinnati, nearly all of us have worked on Bell as a client. My husband, for example, worked on their marketing and advertising for years. Tons of happy hour conversations, which nearly always include lots of good behind-the-scenes Jeremy Piven and Nick Lachey stories. 😉 It’s just a part of the fabric of this little community I’m in. And I’ve been so proud of them lately and all the work they’ve been doing to help support their home base. Cincinnati Bell, as a part of celebrating and supporting this crazy community we’re all in together, is working on a special campaign called CincyGive. CincyGive supports several local charities, like The Dragonfly Foundation and SPCA Cincinnati, via the proceeds of the HOME t-shirt. You can purchase your own shirt right here.

Mine is on my way to me! Major props go to Cincinnati Bell for being so supportive of this community we’re all in together. It’s hard to be Cincinnati Bell without Cincinnati and they’ve been working hard to keep that connection going. (Pssstt.. speaking of secret tips and tricks… if you’re a Cincinnati Bell customer, the Connect Cincinnati app gets you free WiFi all over town… awesome!)

Now excuse me while I go enjoy all of these channels. 🙂



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  • Emelia says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! We are relocating to Cincinnati from Minnesota in the next month or so. Cable/internet hook-up is one of the top things on my to-do list once we move. We’ll have to compare Cincinnati Bell to the other providers. Thanks for the post and cheers to Otto!

    • Emily May says:

      I love a well-timed post! Woo! And we are loving it so far. Good luck on your move. If you need anything or have any questions about the area, give me a shout!

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