I’m a Giant

A big, mini project.

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This is my big announcement I mentioned on Monday. I’ve decided, for purposes of this project, to enter the world of miniatures. Dollhouse miniatures. I am decorating my first dollhouse in my own style!!! I am beyond excited about this.

I am imagining the sound of crickets right now coming from readers… LOL!

Let me explain. Emily Henderson from Secrets from a Stylist is obsessed with miniatures and created the I’m a Giant! Challenge in which other bloggers can partake.

Emily Snuffer

Translation: Other bloggers are doing it which means I don’t feel like the lonely lunatic creating miniatures while everyone else is doing real world stuff. Dollhouse-ing is better in numbers.

HOWEVER, the REAL reason the idea of decorating a dollhouse is exciting for me is that I can FINALLY decorate a big house in my style and decor in a way that isn’t restrained by my budget or DIY skill. Things like zig zag plank flooring, expensive tufted furniture and $200/roll metallic wallpaper. Things that I can’t afford in real life but can totally knock out of the park mini-style.

So, first things first, I needed to track down a dollhouse. These things are expensive. After some Craigslist hunting and awkward emails with “anyone have a dollhouse?” subject lines, a friend from work bestowed this lovely thing upon me:

Emily Snuffer

Front of house. Everything is getting painted or stained.

It’s HUGE. And heavy. And handmade. And super unique in a “is that a barn?” sort of way.

Emily Snuffer

Front of house with cover removed.

The front of the house has three rooms – an entryway with stairs and what I think will be a dining room (left) and living room (on the right).

Emily Snuffer

Back of house (downstairs will be the future kitchen/eat-in area).

Suge is placed for scale. The doorways are currently very narrow. Those will all be opened up much wider to make the floor plan seem more open. Plus, in the dollhouse world, things get really cool when you can see each room from a single view point. The bathroom will be the small, narrow room upstairs (which I think is meant to be the hallway, but there needs to be a bathroom somewhere!)

Emily Snuffer

Upstairs. Master bedroom on left with second bedroom on right.

The room on the left will be the master bedroom, with the room on the right as the kids room. I’ve always wanted to decorate a kids room so I’m going all out. It may also double as the second bedroom, you know, for mini visitors.

As far as the blog goes, every Friday post will be dedicated to the dollhouse, with Mondays and Wednesdays’ posts resuming regular programming (for example, I did something to my  fireplace I’m dying to show you). I have until December 15 to complete the dollhouse for the I’m a Giant challenge. If you’re curious, here are the other bloggers participating in the challenge (plus more!):

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and Kirsten from www.simplygrove.com

The next step for the dollhouse is to prep it for decorating. The outside will be painted to look more modern. The doorways will be opened up. The ceilings, floors and walls will all be sprayed white to start, before any wall colors or wallpaper goes up.

Before I go, anyone want to join me in some dollhouse decorating? It’ll be fun, I promise. Plus, getting into miniatures sorta of makes you feel like a lunatic, right up there with plushophiles.

All photos taken by Aaron May for Go Haus Go.

CALLING ALL FRIENDS / FAMILY – I am in seek of dollhouse furniture I can borrow for purposes of this project. If you have dollhouse furniture I can borrow until December, please email me at emilysnufferatgmaildotcom. Love you long time!