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Barbie trashes her dream house.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from this weekend. I was in Indy to check out the craziness, and it was very cool to see. I posted a picture on the facebook page if you want to take a look. It’s back to work and back to the blog. I’ve been wanting to share these dollhouse pictures, thanks to a friend who passed it along to me, for awhile now…

Have you seen this? This is amazing. This is a dollhouse project in 1:6 scale (the dollhouse I did was 1:12 scale) with a very odd twist. You see, Barbie is a hoarder. The work was done by Carrie M. Becker who is a St. Louis-based artist. The project is titled, “Barbie Trashes Her Dream House.”

Emily Snuffer

Littered with old magazines, newspapers, dirty dishes, old clothing, and cardboard boxes full to the brim, the highly detailed 1/6 scale models illustrate a collection of disturbingly realistic domestic spaces that have suffered from a neglectful homeowner, with the exception of some repurposed generic barbie toys and furniture, the items captured are all handmade by the artist to a painstakingly accurate level.”

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

I’ve been sitting on these photos for awhile (a friend passed them along about a week ago) and since then I’ve been back to view the photos several times – I’m in absolute awe of the detail. If you look closely, it’s easy to deduce the personality of the hoarder (Barbie) because of the tattered Gucci shopping bags, pink iPad cases and pink bunny slippers. I also grimace to think how much money was spent with each of those pieces having retail prices of $3-$5. At any rate, it is absolutely awesome.

And, in case you’re wondering what’s going on with my dollhouse, I’m continuing to update it and revise/improve the rooms as I come across pieces of furniture in thrift stores, etc. I’ll be doing an update post here or there (I’m borrowing some awesome furniture for a friend for a mini room makeover), just not nearly at the once-a-week pace that was happening before.

To view more photos from the series above, go here to Carrie’s flickr page.

– emily

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