The Wallace House came into our lives in November 2014. While we loved our Covington home, we needed space for our newly-minted twin boys! And yes, we (ok, mainly me) needed more projects to work on. Our Covington house was certainly complete in our eyes so we were dying to get our hands on a new challenge. When it comes to homes, my forte is more finishing versus construction, so we were on the hunt for a new, yet old home. Believe it or not those things actually exist.

This is our 1903 historic home, registered on the National Register of Historic Homes as the Carlisle House. The style is probably best described as an American Four Square. Prior to it being flipped by some area flippers, it saw decades of neglect. With construction complete, walls painted and basic finishes installed, it was the best kind of blank slate to get started on. Here is what the space looked like when we got our hands on it.

We’ve been in our home under a year, and with infant twins in the house, were getting used to the slower pace. But things are getting done believe it or not! Heres where we are.


We’re new to this whole foyer business, but were liking it! It’s a large enough space to set down bags, take off shoes, etc. During Christmas, it housed our Christmas tree.

We haven’t done much here outside of hanging some art, setting up a purse/key/mail station and installing a Sputnik chandelier. Im dying to get pattern on the walls, as well as some sort of storage solution (no hall closet here) which will all come with time! We’ve made some progress here with the installation of an IKEA unit behind the main wall.


We filled the space up quickly with the biggest sofa ever (a $600 eBay find!) and lots of goodies from our old place. I’ve got big plans for the space like leather, texture, greens and blues but this is working for now!


We haven’t done boo in here, mainly because I haven’t quite figured out what I want! People say the kitchen is the heart of the home and that is certainly true in this case. Our laundry room, a powder room and our dining table are all in this space. I can’t wait to funk it up and make it a little more our style. More color, less gray, a backsplash, bold hardware… I can hardly wait!


I’m not sure if this is technically a dining room as it’s technically just a huge space just past the kitchen island (some call it an eat-in dining space). I talk about our plans for this space here, but I bet you can guess: large dining room table, chairs and a new chandelier. Ooh and art! And some sort of furniture piece for storage. It’s going to be a hoot, I swear. I cant wait to put those IKEA chairs back where they belong: outside!


This small powder room is just off the kitchen, to the right of the laundry room. There was a matching vanity set in here when we bought the place my only change has been swapping out the mirror and hanging some DIY art. Good for now! I’m a sucker for wallpaper in super small spaces like this, so you can bet I’ve been on the hunt.

The upstairs and third floor coming soon!